Contour Airlines brings new nonstop flights from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte, NC

Muscle Shoals Airport - flights from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte, NC
(Northwest Alabama Regional Airport / Facebook)

When you’re looking to fly out of North Alabama, you’ve got an even easier option now thanks to the new travel options from the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport. Keep reading for the details on the new nonstop flights from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte, North Carolina from Contour Airlines.

The first nonstop flight from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte ✈️

Northwest Alabama Regional Airport
Photos from the first nonstop flight to Charlotte. (Northwest Alabama Regional Airport / Facebook)

According to WAAY 31 ABC, the first nonstop flight to Charlotte, North Carolina happened on Tuesday, March 1. The Northwest Alabama Regional Airport has officially introduced flights from Contour Airlines.

In January 2022, Contour Airlines was selected for a 31-month contract to serve Muscle Shoals. The airline replaces the former Boutique Air flights, which provided weekly rotations to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson and Nashville International Airport, with occasional flights to Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional.

Details on the flights

There will be 12 weekly flights from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte, making a total of 24 round-trip flights every week.

Right now, flights range from $40-$99+. You can book your flight here. According to a spokesperson for AAA Alabama speaking to WAAY 31 ABC, while many airlines are facing higher fuel charges that lead to higher ticket prices, Muscle Shoals travelers shouldn’t feel a major impact on their prices.

The flights from Muscle Shoals to Charlotte will make it easier for travelers looking to make spring and summer plans in North Carolina, South Carolina and other surrounding states. Instead of driving to another airport or taking multiple connecting flights, travelers can go straight to their destination.

Beyond providing new flight options, Contour Airlines are also introducing more local staffing and providing an economic boost to the area.

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