20 must-try food trucks in Huntsville you should visit soon

Do you have a fave food truck? (Bad Newz BBQ)

When it comes to the food trucks in Huntsville, this city has some of the best options out there. Keep reading to find out where to get your next meal on wheels.

1. Chef Will the Palate

food trucks in huntsville
It’s always fresh. (Chef Will the Palate)

For clean and fresh dishes from local gardens, stop by Chef Will the Palate located at Lowe Mille. They offer delicious vegan and gluten-free options that will have you thinking about the meal for days.

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2. Peppered Pig

It’s the red onions for me. (Peppered Pig)

If you want to try the best burger of your life, then you should try one of the options from Peppered Pig. Their green chile cheeseburger is a must-try, it’s just spicy enough + loaded with cheeses.

3. Beast Mode

it comes to nobody’s surprise that Beast Mode is one of the best food trucks in Huntsville. In fact, three of their burgers were awarded as the top in the Rocket City. So if you want a taste of winning flavors, order the Jacked Up Burger, French Onion Burger or the Cuban Burger.

4. Hippea Camper

food truck, i mean camper
Granola folks, this one is for you. (Hippea Camper)

Huntsville should be known for being home to the tastiest plant-based food truck. Hippea Camper takes chickpeas to another level. You’ll love their staples like the hot tamale and mac & cheese, both dishes feature chickpeas as the main source of protein. Delish!

5. Manic Organic Food Truck

food truck
Going green. (Manic Organic)

Manic Organic Food Truck is bringing healthier food options on wheels. They serve high-quality dishes made with local ingredients, so you know you’ll feel good while eating it.

6. Highway Kabobery

One for me, please. (Highway Kabobery)

From their grilled steak, chicken and vegetarian options, everything at Highway Kabobery is gluten-free. They don’t miss when it comes to excellent flavors.

  • Location: 2537 Sparkman Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35810
  • Facebook

7. Neon Lily

It’s THE sausage to try in Huntsville. (Neon Lily)

For some of the best Eurasian cuisine, stop by Neon Lily. Their international flavors will send you overseas—that’s way cheaper than a plane ticket. Try their kielbasa, a Ukrainian sausage made from selected Boston butts.

  • Location: 325 The Bridge St Suite 101, Huntsville, AL 35806
  • Website | Facebook

8. Salt + Light

For the upscale food truck experience, make your way to Salt + Light. They offer bistro-style entrees like shrimp, redfish and smashed burgers.

  • Location: 10310 Bailey Cove Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803
  • Facebook

9. Fire & Spice

I’m a big fan of nachos, especially theirs. (Fire & Spice)

For TexMex enjoyers, this one is for you. Fire & Spice has some of the best gourmet tacos, quesadillas and burritos in the Rocket City. Grab a bite for great tastes and great times!

  • Location: 11220 S Memorial Pkwy Suite P, Huntsville, AL 35803
  • Website | Facebook

10. Dale’s Stuft

food truckI
One of my fave food trucks in Huntsville. (Dale’s Stuft)

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love potatoes. At Dale’s Stuft, you won’t run out of tatter options. Their chili tater is a must-try for baked potatoes and smoked brisket lovers.

11. I Love Bacon

I ❣️bacon, wby? (I Love Bacon)

Also known as the Roaming Bacon Emporium, I Love Bacon food truck is sizzlin’ up famous bacon staples like the BLT and bacon wrap. Don’t sleep on their food meat lovers, you won’t be disappointed!

12. Get Loaded

foodie beans
Beeeeaaannnnsss. (Get Loaded)

Serving the Huntsville and Madison area is a local fave Get Loaded. They’re always on the move, so stay updated by following their Facebook.

13. O Taste and See

Gimme gimme gimme. (O Taste and See)

Bringing the taste of Texas brisket to the Rocket City, you don’t want to miss out on this smoked BBQ sandwiches. O Taste and See might be on your top 10 for best food trucks in Huntsville.

14. The Piled High Food Truck

food truck in HSV
One of the best. (Piled High)

At The Pile High Food Truck, you can get some of the quickest and tastiest wraps in North Alabama. My personal favorite is their chicken salad, a Southern classic.

15. New South Hot Dog

hot dogs
There’s always a line! (New South Hot Dog)

For some of the best hot dogs in the South, head over to New South Hot Dog. Not only are they serving delicious but also classic sushi rolls. This truly makes for an interesting food truck.

16. Forever Grateful

nola food truck
The taste of these gravy cheesy fries will have you floatin’ down the bayou. (Forever Grateful)

Bringing the flavors of Nawlin’s to Huntsville, Forever Grateful has mastered the Cajun flavors you all know and love.

17. Bad Newz BBQ

bbq 1
Who doesn’t love beer, baseball + BBQ? (Bad Newz BBQ)

Bad Newz got their name ’cause they are bad news for new competitors since they have some of the best BBQ flavors around. You should try their vinegar slaw paired with their smoked ribs next time you visit.

18. Betty Jo’s Food truck

betty jo team
Meet the team! (Betty Jo’s)

Once you try Betty Jo’s homemade gourmet hot slaw, you’ll have to add them to your favorite food trucks in Huntsville list. Everything on their menu is flavorful and made with love.

19. Iceworks Shaved Ice

ice cone
An iconic food truck treat! (Iceworks)

We didn’t forget dessert. Try the shaved ice at Iceworks, you won’t be disappointed by their flavors.

PRO TIP: You’ll want to get the cherry limeade flavor. It’s the most refreshing treat for warm weather days.

20. ShakeiT Boba

Another classic: coffee boba. (ShakeiT Boba)

One of my favorite sweet drinks would probably be a boba tea from ShakeiT Boba. I’m a fan of the classic Honey Jasmine Tea with lychee-bursting boba. You can’t go wrong with it!

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