27 exciting Huntsville fall sports events — beach volleyball, SEC basketball + more


Women playing college beach volleyball for national tournament—one of the many Huntsville fall sports events
Who else is ready to see a national beach volleyball tournament come to Huntsville? (Huntsville Sports Commission)

Fall is just around the corner, and visions of college football are dancing in our heads. But that’s not the only sport we have to look forward to this season.

Read on to check out Huntsville’s hot lineup, including national beach volleyball, soccer, hockey and more.

September: football, retrieving + more

Men playing football
The Huntsville fall sports are starting off strong in September. (Huntsville Sports Commission)

September will feature some classic sports like football and volleyball but also offer some unique opportunities—like a hunting retriever club competition and a basketball alumni event.

October: softball, cross country + more in Huntsville

Men playing hockey
October is for spooky season and Huntsville fall sports. (Huntsville Sports Commission)

Halloween isn’t all we celebrate in October. We can also cheer on our favorite local athletes and team’s during these outstanding soccer, volleyball, softball and cross country competitions.

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November: beach volleyball, soccer + more

AVCA Fall Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championships
You don’t want to miss the AVCA Fall Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship. (Huntsville Sports Commission).

Most of us wouldn’t put Huntsville fall sports and beach volleyball together, but it turns out they make a pretty awesome combo. Mark your November calendars for the collegiate beach volleyball championship and other fun events like fishing and hockey.

December: Huntsville marathon, SEC basketball + more

Crossing the finish line at a XC meet
This year is ending with a bang for Huntsville fall sports. (Huntsville Sports Commission)

Talk about finishing the year strong—Huntsville fall sports will wrap up the year in December with an epic marathon. You can also enjoy SEC college basketball games and cross country.

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