3 interesting facts about The Book of Mormon, coming to Huntsville May 12-14


Book of Mormon
Huntsville, meet Broadway. (Broadway Theatre League)

It’s time to laugh, Huntsville. Written by the creators of South Park, The Book of Mormon is coming to the Rocket City May 12-14, bringing satire, stellar acting and lots of fun.

Read on to learn three interesting facts about this popular show and get your tickets now.

1. It’s absolutely hilarious

Book of Mormon
If you’re in the mood for a hilarious musical, The Book of Mormon is it. (Broadway Theatre League)

The Book of Mormon follows two young missionaries sent to Uganda to convert the citizens to the Mormon religion. The pair pose an interesting dynamic—Elder Cunningham is nerdy and an irritating liar, while Elder Prince is a devout, pompous man.

Cunningham and Prince want to be sent to Orlando but end up in Africa, where they must battle violence, sickness and other obstacles. The musical follows them as they use their limited knowledge of Mormon doctrine to convert the Ugandans, and it’s full of satire and humor along the way.

The musical doesn’t pick sides either—it makes fun of all parties, resulting in an unforgettable, hilarious performance.

2. It sells out almost every show

Book of Mormon
Tickets won’t be available long, Huntsville, so get them while you can! (Broadway Theatre League)

Because The Book of Mormon has a knack for humor, it attracts audiences from all over and sells out fast. That means you’ll want to grab your tickets ASAP for next weekend’s shows.

The Book of Mormon hasn’t been in Huntsville in five years, so its May shows present an amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse of this Broadway masterpiece.

“This show is a blockbuster. It still sells out three weeks in Salt Lake City every year it goes there. Last time it was in Huntsville in 2018, it was a sellout performance for eight shows.”

Wil Elrick, Director of Marketing + Development, Broadway Theatre League Huntsville

3. It’s presented by the Broadway Theatre League

Book of Mormon
New York meets Huntsville in the most hilarious way possible. (Broadway Theatre League)

Many people debate whether Huntsville boasts big city opportunities. Meanwhile on Monroe Street, Broadway Theatre League calls in the biggest New York shows year round.

“Broadway theater League has been around since 1950, and we sell over 50,000 tickets a year. We provide an educational outreach program, host lots of big names and bring in all the Broadway shows.”

Wil Elrick, Director of Marketing + Development, Broadway Theatre League Huntsville

Broadway Theatre League is Huntsville’s ticket to seeing top-notch performances in person, and their lineup doesn’t just include the outstanding Book of Mormon. In the 23-24 season, they will also bring in Johnny Cash: The Official Concert Experience, Mean Girls, To Kill a Mockingbird and more.

Get tickets now!

Book of Mormon
Get ready for lots of fun and laughs, Huntsville. (Broadway Theatre League)

The Huntsville shows are close to selling out, so get your tickets now for The Book of Mormon.

Want to learn more about the amazing shows coming up at Broadway Theatre League? Check out their 23-24 season calendar and grab your tickets for The Book of Mormon.

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