3 places you can snag an espresso martini in Huntsville

espresso martini in huntsville
Two espresso martinis, please! (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

Espresso martinis have taken the drink world by storm as the hottest new drink. I went on a personal quest to find the most incredible espresso martini in Huntsville. Here’s what I discovered.

The espresso martini

espresso martini in huntsville
Have you tried this concoction? (Emily Kent / Facebook)

Trends come and go, and one that is back is the espresso martini. Created in London by a bartender who was asked by a model to serve her something alcoholic that would also wake her up, the espresso martini was born. 

What’s in them, you ask? The drink contains vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur, and is often garnished with espresso beans.

Now onto where you can find them.

1. SiP

espresso martini in huntsville
A round of espresso martinis. (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

I just went to SiP for the first time and I couldn’t believe the inside. If you’re looking for an elegant spot with great drinks, look no further. The space is complete with beautiful decor, a cigar lounge and a great ambiance.

The espresso martini has a deliciously foamy top and a smooth finish. I will be back for more!

2. Stella’s Elixir Lounge

espresso martini in huntsville
We enjoyed ours by the fire. (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

Stella’s has always been a favorite among my friends. While on the pursuit for espresso martinis, this was the first place to come to mind. We weren’t disappointed.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated rooftop experience to go with your espresso martini, you’ve come to the right place.

The espresso martini gave us the right amount of caffeine to keep the night going.

3. Commerce Kitchen

espresso martini in huntsville
Stop by for delicious drink options. (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

I love sitting at the bar for meals or drinks at Commerce Kitchen. The bartenders have a way with the bar. It’s almost like watching an artist.

I’ve never met a drink here I didn’t like. The espresso martini is rich with the delicious coffee flavor, a must-try.

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