3 reasons Coin coworking in Lincoln Mill is a game-changer


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The Coin Coworking Initiative in Lincoln Mill is a prime coworking atmosphere. (Hville Blast)

Since moving to Huntsville in March last year, I have called multiple spots my “work space” or “office,” per se — my mother-in-law’s den, my guest room in my home, my basement den, numerous coffee shops in town, etc. — which was necessary as we started building this Hville Blast team here because we don’t have a common work space. Until now.

I wanted to find coworking space in Huntsville and found the choices to be slim, but finally stumbled upon Coin, located in Lincoln Mill, and it has been a game-changer for our team. Here’s why:

1. Location, Location, Location

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Coin Coworking is located in the historic and newly renovated Lincoln Mill. (Hville Blast)

What Coin offers is something that is definitely lacking in the Huntsville area. Coworking space — like office space — is hard to come by and can be expensive. However, owner Will Harbison found this spot (located at 1300 Meridian St N Suite 200a, Huntsville, AL 35801 in the historic Lincoln Mill) and realized he could address this shortage of working space.

What we found is that the location of Lincoln Mill is a good central spot for our team — whose members live pretty scattered across the Huntsville area — and is also close to the stuff we cover.

Lincoln Mill also has restaurants, stores and more on the way in the coming year.

But in addition to the geographic location of Lincoln Mill, Coin’s space itself is a prime location. On the second floor with plenty of natural light coming through the huge windows, the space provides a positive vibe for all of us.

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A variety of workers from varying industries have joined and convene at Coin. (Hville Blast)

2. Variety of Work Spaces

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Coin offers quiet booths for phone calls, video calls, or if you just need a little more silence. (Hville Blast)

What sets Coin apart from just working from your local coffee shop (aside from the fact that the coffee at Coin is free) is the variety of work spaces available.

You can work from a desk, tables, sofas, stools, a private office or conference room, and the space even offers quiet rooms if you need to have a phone call or video conference in private. Which in our line of work, when you need to conduct interviews and have video meetings fairly often, that’s HUGE.

And the space itself is spread out enough to not feel crowded, but also intimate enough to where you can even collaborate with the other folks working alongside you.

“We wanted to create a space where you can work alongside other passionate small business owners and feel a sense of creative energy that an isolated office or working from your house just doesn’t provide.”

Will Harbison, Partner, Coin
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You can work from desks, tables, private offices, sofas, stools — whatever — at the Coin coworking space. (Hville Blast)

3. Coin’s membership tiers

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I love working alongside the folks at Coin coworking. (Hville Blast)

One of the obstacles I found — being a new kid on the block (both personally and professionally) — is that work space is expensive, and often not very flexible.

To me, the best aspect of the Coin coworking initiative is that there are multiple tiers of membership that fit a variety of business budgets. And to me, that’s important because as our company grows, so would our working space needs. So Coin has you covered.

The different membership options include:

  • Private Office – Starting at $1,000 a month, you have your own private office in the Coin coworking space, which includes a desk, filing cabinet and the option to bring in more office supplies that you need..
  • Dedicated Desk – For $320 a month, you have your own desk in the open workspace, so you can always have the same desk in the same spot, and store your files, keep your computer, etc. at the desk.
  • Flex Space – At $190 a month, this is an incredibly affordable option, and allows you access to the space, and wherever inside the space you choose to work.

Keep in mind, all tiers of membership include access to the kitchen, conference room and quiet rooms. Need a mailing address for your company that is not your home? Coin has that option as well for $100 a month. Need to just come in for a day? Well, a daylong pass is just $50. Also, there’s free parking!

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Coin coworking also offers access to a conference room. (Hville Blast)

Feeling at home at Coin

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You also have access to a pretty cool kitchen with your Coin coworking membership. (Hville Blast)

To me, the problem with working from home is that I don’t have the structure or professional environment needed to inspire my work. And one of my biggest complaints about working from a private office is the sometimes sterile feel of an individual office and the lack of collaborative opportunities.

Coin takes care of that. The Coin coworking experience combines the informality of working from home with the energy and social aspect of having a shared work space with others.

In essence, you can feel “at home” at Coin while also feeling productive and creative in an inspiring workspace.

Want to learn more about COIN or schedule a tour? Go to Coin’s website today!

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