3 spots for a mouthwatering crêpe in Huntsville

Count me in. (Pofta Buna International Cafe / Facebook)

As a self-proclaimed foodie, crêpes have always been a love of mine. One bite and I’m instantly transported to Paris. I started to wonder where I could get a crepe (or two) in Huntsville. Since February 2 is National Crêpe Day, it seemed like the perfect time to do some digging.

1. Pofta Buna International Cafe

Delish. (Pofta Buna / Facebook)

These thin pancakes are perfect for any time of day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? I’ll take a crêpe. What’s catching my eye is the pizza crêpe, complete with mozzarella, pizza sauce, cheddar cheese and pepperoni.

Check out Pofta Buna’s menu for some crêpe inspo.

2. Oh Crêpe!

Which would you try? (Oh Crêpe! / Facebook)

Savory or sweet? Why not both?

For a savory crêpe, I’ll be trying the Stovehouse BLT—smoked bacon, chopped lettuce, cherry tomato, avocado, red onions, carrots, boiled eggs, sesame dressing and chipotle aioli.

For a dessert crêpe, you can’t go wrong with the Chocolate Pistachio—chocolate truffles, Nutella sauce, whipped yogurt, chocolate ice cream, crushed pistachio, chocolate drizzle and chocolate Pocky sticks.

The presentation of these crepes are truly Instagram-worthy

3. Neon Lilly Eurasian American Cuisine

Presentation 10/10. (Neon Lilly / Facebook)

Huntsville is full of good eats, from all over the world. Neon Lilly brings a unique cuisine to the table—Eurasian American. There are endless tasty dishes at this former food truck, including a delicious crêpe.

Check out Neon Lilly’s menu for some good (and unique) eats.

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