3 spots to ice skate this winter—including a brand new option under the stars

ice skating in the park
Time to tie up your ice skates and throw on your favorite winter hat! (Skating in the Park / Facebook)

The days are getting shorter, but that just means we can ice skate under the stars a little longer!

We’ve got two places where you can do just that, as well as an indoor option for when it’s raining or when it’s just too cold outside.

Winter Park—Orion Amphitheater

ice skate orion
Another outdoor ice skating rink is coming to Huntsville! (Orion Amphitheater / Facebook)

This one’s a newbie to the Huntsville ice skating scene, but boy are we excited for it!

The Orion Amphitheater is shuffling out the chairs in the pit area of the concert venue and replacing it with an ice skating rink. And, if that wasn’t enough, Santa will be there along with live music and food and drinks.

So, there will be something for everyone at this “Winter Park”—running from November 22-January 29.

Ice skate rentals will be available on site for both children and adults, and you can head inside the Orion to the Weeden Pit Bar for skates and waivers.

Skating in the Park—Downtown Huntsville

skating in the park
I might need to borrow one of those… (Skating in the Park / Facebook)

It’s Skating in the Park’s tenth anniversary! So, if you’ve missed it in years past, you won’t want to miss it again this year.

Opening day is tomorrow, November 18, and the rink will be open until January 8, 2023. There will be rinkside concessions and special events at Skating in the Park (like the McDonald’s DJ Night on December 15 and the New Year’s Eve Celebration on December 31).

Huntsville Ice Sports Center

ice sports center
Raining? You can still skate here! (Huntsville Ice Sports Center / Facebook)

I remember coming here to the Ice Sports Center as a kid to ice skate (back when we called it the “Ice Plex”), and they’re still going strong! The rinks are always buzzing with smiling faces (and the occasional fall).

The ice sports center hosts hockey, curling and figure skating, but they also have public skate hours! The rink has a limited number of spots for public skate, so you can register in advance here to make sure you get yours.

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