3 unique Huntsville restaurants to transport you to another world

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Supper Heroes holds replicas like Captain America’s shield. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

There is nothing like going to a nice restaurant and feeling like you have entered another world entirely. The atmosphere enhances the experience to where you want to stay there forever. Huntsville has its share of themed restaurants, and here are three of them.

ToyBox Bistro

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ToyBox Bistro has all the toys a kid and an adult could want. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

ToyBox Bistro is the perfect place for adults and kids. Inside this restaurant are toys and collectibles old and new. From Star Wars to Transformers, ToyBox Bistro has everything for lovers of pop culture.

Location: 511 Jordan Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Facebook: ToyBox Bistro

Website: ToyBox Bistro

Supper Heroes

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Supper Heroes is for the comic book and movie fans to enjoy this popular genre. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Supper Heroes consists of movies, toys, and comic books revolving around all superheroes. With custom glass paintings featuring superheroes in the Huntsville area, this is a great place that’ll make you believe super-powered people could live in our world.

Location: 1812 Winchester Rd NE, Huntsville, AL 35811

Facebook: Supper Heroes

Website: Supper Heroes

Dragon’s Forge Cafe

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Dragon’s Forge Cafe makes you feel like you’re in the medieval ages. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Dragon’s Forge Cafe is located in Lowe Mill and is themed around medieval times. With a live harp performance and characters from the Middle Ages taking your order, this is the perfect place to roleplay and act as if we are in an age of dragons and wizards.

Location: 2211 Seminole Dr SW Studio 2073, Huntsville, AL 35805

Facebook: Dragon’s Forge Cafe

Website: Dragon’s Forge Cafe

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