3 interesting things you might not know about Huntsville’s Village of Promise


This Huntsville nonprofit is leading the charge to eradicate poverty. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

This is not just another Huntsville nonprofit. Village of Promise doesn’t merely alleviate the side effects of poverty. As a Family Advancement Center, they use a multi-generational approach to eradicate the root problem. Plus, they offer classes and services to equip families to achieve their goals and contribute to their community.

Read on to learn three ways Village of Promise is helping Huntsville families and get all the exciting details on their upcoming Speaker Series with former astronaut and NFL player Leland Melvin.

1. They help all family types—not just single parents

Rita McAdoo is now a valuable team member at Village of Promise, serving as an assistant to the CEO. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Rita McAdoo was introduced to Village of Promise when an unfamiliar yet kind woman chased her down in the school parking lot, claiming she knew a place where Rita’s children would thrive.

The woman was Gloria Batts—cofounder of Village of Promise along with Bobby Bradley—and she helped Rita embark on a journey that would change the lives of her family.

At the time, Rita was struggling to raise her three children, but she wasn’t doing it alone—she had the support of her husband. However, Rita soon learned that she didn’t have to be a single mom to receive help from Village of Promise. The organization’s goal is to advance entire families out of poverty, not just single mothers.

“People have the perception that if someone’s struggling in poverty, they have to be a single parent. It’s not necessarily that way. Actually, 95% of the parents we work with are married.”

Rita McAdoo, Executive Assistant + Infant University Coordinator, Village of Promise

2. Parents connect with other parents

Dana Gillis—Village of Promise CEO
Village of Promise connects Huntsville families with one another to create an enriching community. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

When Rita first got involved with Village of Promise, she was amazed at the support she received from other parents by participating in the Promise Institute—parent classes including the Infant University, Family Connections and Next Steps.

Additionally, conversations with the Village of Promise staff helped her understand her children better. When she was feeling down because her daughter was struggling with a concept in school, a staff instructor stepped in and helped her understand her daughter’s learning style.

By taking a personal, family-centered approach, Village of Promise is setting the tone for the Huntsville nonprofit sector.

“Our goal is to be the center of best practices for how to advance Huntsville families out of poverty. We do this by identifying a segment of the community—the Northwoods neighborhood—and moving the needle for families in a multi-generational effort.”

Dana M. Gillis, CEO, Village of Promise

Want to help Huntsville families advance out of poverty? Learn more about Village of Promise and check out their exciting speaker series with Leland Melvin.

3. Children’s programs are varied + enriching

By helping Huntsville families educate their children, Village of Promise advances future generations out of poverty. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Village of Promise not only support families; they also provide amazing children’s programs through Promise Preparatory:

  • Early childhood classes (infant, toddler + pre-k 4)
  • A 6-week summer program, focusing on the CDF Integrated Reading Curriculum
  • Middle school + high school success tutoring
  • College success counseling

“I was really invested in being a part of an organization that not only focused on the children or the parents alone, but centered on the dynamic of the family.”

Rita McAdoo, Executive Assistant + Infant University Coordinator, Village of Promise

BONUS: Speaker Series with Leland Melvin

thumbnail Melvin CAA Speakers Photo 04.2022
Village of Promise’s Speaker Series is guaranteed to be unforgettable. (Village of Promise)

Village of Promise is excited to present their speaker series on Tuesday, May 16, at the Space + Rocket Center.

The series will highlight Leland Melvin—an incredible man who has done it all. A former NFL wide receiver, Leland has worn many hats, serving as an engineer, educator and NASA astronaut.

At the Speaker Series, he will share lessons he’s learned during his 24 years of NASA experience to inspire the next generation of STEAM career leaders. Additionally, he share his expertise in the intersection of education and poverty, including best practice solutions for addressing generational poverty.

Ready to do your part in advancing Huntsville families out of poverty? Learn more about Village of Promise and check out their exciting speaker series with Leland Melvin.

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