4 unique fitness classes to try in Huntsville

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A fun, upbeat cycling class at Zoom Indoor Cycling! (Hville Blast / McCarley Northway)

Sometimes, we just need to try a new fitness regimen to get consistent again. These four unique fitness classes in the Huntsville area offer a healthy and active option, plus they provide a fresh and enjoyable experience to share with a partner or friend!

1. Roar Fitness at Empire Fitness

Roar fitness class at Empire Fitness
Roar fitness room located at Empire Fitness in Madison. (Hville Blast / McCarley Northway)

Roar is a unique fitness class that can be taken inside of the Empire Fitness gym. When you sign up for Roar, you get a completely personalized workout. The class is led by a personal trainer that knows exactly the results you are looking for and leads you to achieve it.

You can expect to burn over 1000 calories, elevate your heart rate the entire class, increase body mass and more. Empire Fitness offers a wide range of fitness options including CrossFit, weights, yoga, cycling, nutrition coaching and other group classes.

2. Zoom Indoor Cycling

Dark cycling fitness room.
Awesome cycling room at Zoom Indoor Cycling in downtown Huntsville. (Hville Blast / McCarley Northway)

Switch up your fitness routine in Huntsville with Zoom Indoor Cycling. This original rhythm-based studio brings energizing vibes to every workout. From the signature 45-minute Ride45 to intense Ride60 sessions and creative theme rides, there’s a class for all levels.

The owner of Zoom, Jodie Wurst gave me a sneak peak into the light show and music that is played during a class. I was ready to hop on a bike right then and there! Discover a whole new way to sweat and thrive in Huntsville!

3. CrossFit Hazel Green

Outside CrossFit class at CrossFit Hazel Green.
Hard yet rewarding CrossFit workout at CrossFit Hazel green. (CrossFit Hazel Green / Katie Campbell)

CrossFit classes have become extremely popular in recent years and can be a great way to get fit for those looking for competition, community and a strong body. CrossFit Hazel Green strives to help people of all ages achieve their personalized fitness goals, top notch coaching and join a program that encourages one another to be the best version of themselves.

Each class is one hour long, coach lead, in a group atmosphere. Each class follows the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movement, performed at higher Intensity.

– Katie Campbell


Cycle in a sauna at HOTWORX. A virtually led unique fitness class.
Virtually led fitness class of your choosing in a sauna at HOTWORX. (Hville Blast / McCarley Northway)

HOTWORX is an extremely unique fitness class that combines infrared heat with exercises like Isometric and HIIT sessions, enhancing detoxification through sweat and muscle movement. This patented “3D Training” sauna offers a unique fitness experience that’s unlike anything else.

These classes are taught virtually so you don’t have to worry about judgment from anyone else!

At HOTWORX, you can find classes like; hot yoga, hot pilates, hot cycle, hot thunder and much more!

  • Where: There is one location in Huntsville, and one in Clift Farm, Madison.
  • When: Huntsville location: Mon.-Thurs. 11AM-8PM; Friday, 9AM-6PM; Saturday, 11AM-4PM.
  • Madison Location: Mon.-Thurs., 9AM-7PM; Friday, 9AM-6PM; Saturday, 9AM-2PM.
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