5 unique appetizers you need to try in Huntsville

try in huntsville
One for the table, please. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Looking for something interesting to try in Huntsville? We’ve got you covered on all things appetizing. We’ve come up with five of our favorite unique appetizers that are a must-try.

1. Waffle bites—Superhero Chefs

Superhero Chefs waffle sandwich
The Juggernaut is the breakfast sandwich you didn’t know you needed. (Superhero Chefs Huntsville / Facebook)

If you’re a fan of breakfast, then the appetizer you should try in Huntsville should be the waffle bites from Superhero Chefs. These tiny sweet bites are covered with cinnamon sugar, strawberry compote and cream cheese. YUM!

2. Fried green tomatoes—Old Black Bear

try in huntsville
My mouth is watering now. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

What’s more Alabama than fried green tomatoes? At Old Black Bear, they’ve mastered your nana’s fried green tomatoes but with a little bit of spice. You’ll love that they add pimento cheese and tomato jam blending the flavors of sweet and savory nicely.

3. Vegan Nachos Chorizo—BeeZr

try in huntsville nachos
Try it paired with HippeaTea Seltzer brewed by Huntsville’s very own Chandler’s Ford Brewing. (BeeZr)

For a fan of eclectic tastes, the appetizer to try in Huntsville would be the vegan nachos chorizo from BeeZr. If you’re a fan of the tasty dishes of Hippea Camper, then this is a must. It’s vegan, flavorful and unique.

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4. Octo-noms—Phat Sammy’s

If you love seafood, then head to Phat Sammy’s for their take on a popular Japanese street dish that they call octo-noms. Trust me when I say this stuff is so tasty. It’s slowed-cooked octopus covered in salty bonito flakes and umami takoyaki sauce.

5. Hairy bawlz—Toy Box Bistro

If you’re up for a laugh and good food then add hairy bawlz from Toy Box to your must-try in Huntsville list. Just imagine the fluffiness from hushpuppies and the taste of cheesy bacon hashbrowns all mixed into a fried ball of deliciousness!

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