5 awesome Huntsville hotspots that look like Netflix’s Stranger Things

Arcade at Campus No. 805
Nothing transports you to the Stranger Things universe like a vintage arcade. (Campus No. 805 / Facebook)

Mike and El may not be here in Huntsville, but we have more than enough Stranger Things vibes in the Rocket City.

If you’re like me and a fan of this iconic Netflix show, check out the top Huntsville spots that look like Stranger Things!

1. Lowe Mill

Lowe Mill in Huntsville
Thankfully, we don’t have any suspicious activity in Lowe Mill—just incredibly crazy talent. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Lowe Mill’s industrial vibe reminds me of Hawkins School. It also slightly mirrors Hawkins Lab—just trade the upside down for the out-of-this-world art galleries.

Specifically Lowe Mill’s arcade

Arcade at Lowe Mill
We promise Billy won’t yell at you at Lowe Mill’s Arcade. (Starlight Pinball Arcade / Facebook)

What better way to celebrate Stranger Things than by playing some old-fashioned arcade games? At Lowe Mill’s Starlight Pinball Arcade, you can set some new high scores—who knows, you might even beat Mad Max.

2. Campus No. 805

Campus 805 Huntsville
Do you smell the Eggos too? (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Welcome to Huntsville’s take on Hawkins Middle School. Campus No. 805 is the perfect backdrop for your Stranger Things inspired Instagram photos.

3. Maxwell’s Music

Maxwell's Music in downtown Huntsville
You got to let me know—should I stay or should I go? (Maxwell’s Music / Facebook)

You can find the best Stranger Things jams at Maxwell’s Music. Grab your favorite 80s record, cook some eggos and play some Dungeons and Dragons.

4. Parkway Place Mall

Arcade at Parkway Place Mall Huntsville
Here, you can hang out in peace—we don’t expect Mind Flayer visits anytime soon. (Parkway Place / Facebook)

Nestled in Parkway Place Mall is another arcade reminiscent of Stranger Things. Plus, you can make the rest of the mall your go-to hangout spot like Mike and his crew did in the show.

5. Downtown’s small town feel

Quaint street of downtown Huntsville, reminiscent of Stranger Things
Travel back in time and embrace the retro vibe at this beloved Huntsville spot. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Harrison Brothers Hardware reminds me a bit of the drug store where Will’s mom works. Even though Huntsville is much bigger than Hawkins, parts of downtown have that same small town feel.

Bonus: Strange…Noises?

Stranger Noises tshirt
Do you have a Strange Noises shirt? (Fow Wow / Facebook)

Plus, we can’t forget the iconic Strange Noises shirts, inspired by the Redstone Arsenal.

So grab yourself a t-shirt and make sure to stop by these Huntsville hotspots to have an unforgettable Stranger Things day.

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