5 best spots for mocktails in Huntsville

the mocktails
The drinks from Rhythm on Monroe. (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

Huntsville isn’t lacking when it comes to the drink scene. From your favorite bars to classy restaurants, we gathered some of the best places serving up mocktails in Huntsville.

1. Rhythm on Monroe

Rhythm on Monroe
Drinks with a view. (Rhythm on Monroe / Facebook)

If you looking to have a fun night out but without the alcohol, try the strawberry lemonade sparkler from Rhythm on Monroe. This drink is a refreshing sip of sweetness and very Instagram-able.

2. Phat Sammy’s

Being on the beach doesn’t necessarily mean you must drink alcoholic beverages. At Phat Sammy’s they bring the beach, flavorful mocktails and fun to Huntsville. Try the Virgin Pina colada, it’s just as good!

3. Stella’s Exlir Louge

Stella’s is brewing up flavorful mocktails for those looking for an alcohol-free night. For a beautifully shaken mocktail martini, you’ll want to order the creamy strawberry peppermint martini. It’s one of the best drinks in town.

4. The Standard Social Market

At The Standard Social Market, they have a whole list of seasonal mocktails, so you’ll never be bored. It’s called the Standard for a reason—this is the spot for drinks in Huntsville.

5. Kona Grill

Not only is Kona’s Grill serving up tasty steaks, but they also serve nonalcoholic beverages. Have you ever had an alcohol-free IPA? We suggest that the next time you eat here, also order Adam’s Just The Haze. It’s all the greatness of an IPA, just without the alcohol.

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