5 local farmers markets you should check out this spring

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Local farmers markets have started opening for the spring and summer. (Madison City Farmers Market via Facebook)

Who doesn’t love a good farmers market? You’ll find fresh local produce, locally made arts and crafts and usually something quirky to bring home with you. And luckily for us, the Huntsville area has several farmers markets you can visit this spring and summer.

Here are 5 of my favorites:

Greene Street Market

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The Greene Street Market opens in May, and we cannot wait! (Greene Street Market via Facebook)

One of my favorite farmers markets is the Greene Street Market at Church of the Nativity. Their first market will take place May 18 this year and runs through September 29. I like this one also because it is one of the only farmers markets that takes place during the week (Thursday afternoons).

Madison City Farmers Market

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The Madison City Farmers Market opened April 8. (Madison City Farmers Market via Facebook)

The Madison City Farmers Market just opened for the spring and summer on April 8, and I unfortunately missed the first two weekends. This market became one of my go-to’s over the summer, as it is one of the larger and more diverse markets in the area.

Providence Farmers Market

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The Providence Farmers Market opened April 1. (Providence Farmers Market via Facebook)

There’s a good bit of variety at the Providence Farmers Market, which opened April 1 this year. From fresh produce to handmade goods and trinkets to bath products and jewelry, there’s a little something for everyone at this market!

The Market at MidCity

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The Market at MidCity is one of the most popular farmers markets in town. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

One of the best aspects of the Market at MidCity is that it takes place on Sundays, as opposed to Saturdays when most farmers markets take place. This means I can go to multiple markets in a weekend! The Market at MidCity is tons fun, too, with live music and all kinds of cool vendors.

S&J Produce Farms

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S&J Produce Farms in Madison is smaller, but they have everything you need. (S&J Produce Farms via Facebook)

S&J Produce Farms is not a giant outdoor marketplace. Rather, it is smaller, mostly indoors and more select. In addition to fresh local produce, this Madison market also has local honey, Amish jellies and a field of zinnias and sunflowers that you can pick and purchase by the stem.

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Michael Seale
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