5 places in Huntsville to get a great bowl of chili

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It’s about the time of year to grab a bowl of chili! (MELT via Facebook)

When fall begins to turn to winter, my mind — and my stomach — starts craving a warm bowl of chili. And I am sure I’m not alone in this. As fall starts to wind down, we looked at some of the eateries here in the Huntsville area to find out where we can get ourselves some top-notch chili.

Here are some of the best:

City Cafe Diner

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City cafe Diner has an amazing and extensive menu, but don’t overlook their chili! (City Cafe Diner via Facebook)

I often rave about City Cafe’s matzo ball soup (it is fantastic, by the way) but I also highly recommend their chili. This is not a seasonal item, like many restaurants, as chili is a menu staple all year at City cafe.

City Cafe’s chili is mild — but not bland — and with some sour cream and cheese, it is absolutely delicious.

Humphrey’s Bar & Grill

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Humphrey’s serves a darn good bowl of chili! (Humphrey’s Bar & Grill via Facebook)

Humphrey’s is a Downtown Huntsville institution, with a fabulous atmosphere, great cocktails, live music and — yes — a darn good bowl of chili.

It has a tad more kick to it than City Cafe Diner’s offering, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s possibly my favorite item on their menu. You can order a cup or a bowl, and it comes with jalapeno peppers, onions and shredded cheddar. So good…


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MELT serves up a great bowl of chili. (MELT via Facebook)

MELT is probably best known for their delicious sandwiches, but don’t sleep on their “Chili With Chedda,” which pairs quite well with one their signature sandwiches.

MELT’s chili is made with no beans and is rich and meaty. I recommend ordering a cup with a Classic Grilled Cheese.

Toy Box Bistro

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Toy Box Bistro’s chili is not nearly as spicy as the name suggests, don’t worry. (Toy Box Bistro)

If you browse the menu at Toy Box Bistro in Huntsville, you’ll see “Fires of Mt. Doom Chili” listed among the sides. How can you NOT order a bowl of chili with a name like that?

Of course, as the menu describes, the chili is really “not as spicy as the name implies, so don’t worry.” That said, it is spicier than any of the other chili’s I have tried here in town but not overpowering. It is exactly what you’d want from a little bistro like this. I highly recommend it!

Vujee Vegan

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Want a vegan option? Try Vujee Vegan’s chili. (Vujee Vegan via Facebook)

For those of you who prefer a vegan option for chili, there are some fabulous vegan chili recipes out there, and the vegan chili at Vujee Vegan in Huntsville is amazing.

Vujee Vegan chili is 100% plant-based, made with beefless crumbles, onions and signature blend of spices. Served with plant-based sour cream, cheeze and sweet cornbread!

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