5 places to get the best mocktails in Huntsville


CEO of Mocktails for Mommy
Mocktails for Mommy is taking the local non-alcoholic industry by storm. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Cheers, Huntsville—spirit-free drinks are popping in the Rocket City. From spicy Miami Mules to fresh Citrus Punches, Huntsville’s top bars boast an amazing array of non-alcoholic refreshers.

So if you’re going out with the girls or grabbing a drink with the guys, check out these five Huntsville businesses serving up mocktails.

Before we get into the guide, though, let’s check out why it’s important to it’s helpful to have mocktail options:

“There are many reasons why someone might choose to abstain from drinking—for one evening or for an extended period of time. ‘Mocktails’ and other non-alcoholic beverages can provide a way for this person to discreetly abstain from alcohol and possibly avoid any follow-up questions they may not be ready or willing to answer.”

Zach Ludwig, LPC-S, NCC and Bradford’s VP of Clinical Services & Accreditation

1. Stella’s Elixir Lounge

Two cocktails at Stella's Elixir Lounge
The atmosphere at Stella’s is almost as amazing as the drinks. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Step into Stella’s—a swanky rooftop bar that transports you to New York in the 20s. Here, you can relax in a plush vintage chair and feast your eyes on gorgeous decor, all while sipping on unbeatable mocktails.

We tried the Bahama Breeze and Miami Mule mocktails, and they were delicious. These drinks showcased different ends of the flavor spectrum—while the Bahama Breeze was refreshing and light, the Miami Mule was fizzy with a bite.

Taking the first step and asking for help makes all the difference. If you struggle with alcohol, contact Bradford Health Services today at 1-888-Sober40 for affordable, personalized care. 

Bradford Health Services

2. Standard Social Market

Two cocktails at Social Standard
Mocktails at the Social Standard Market are the perfect summertime sips. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

At the Social Standard Market, you can grab fresh bread, gourmet coffee, tasty deli meat and outstanding mocktails.

We tried the Peach Bourbon Tea sans bourbon, and it was fantastic. If summertime in the South was a drink, it would be this one. We also tasted a non-alcoholic Passionfruit Margarita, and it packed a flavorful punch.

Bradford Health Services

3. Phat Sammy’s

Three cocktails at Phat Sammy's
Phat Sammy’s takes the tiki bar vibes to the next level. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Huntsville may be a hike from the beach, but it’s always island time at Phat Sammy’s. Boasting an tiki theme and fun beachy drinks, Phat Sammy’s is the perfect place to chill after a long day (or any day).

We got to taste a bold Spiced Pineapple Shrubbery, decadent virgin Piña Colada and a staff favorite—the Bun in the Oven. One of the bartenders created this tasty coconut passionfruit cocktail while she was pregnant, and it immediately became a hit.

1 in 7 people struggle with their alcohol use. If you want to stop drinking and don’t know how you are not alone. Call Bradford Health Services today at 1-888-Sober40.

4. Baker + Able

cocktail at Baker + Able
What’s better than a tasty mocktail? A mocktail with a view. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

If rooftop bars are more of your style, you’re going to love sipping on spirit-free drinks with Baker + Able’s view of downtown Huntsville. Showcasing a classy and upscale environment, Baker + Able is a great date night spot or place to grab drinks after work.

We tried the official drink of Brazil—a spirit-free Caipirinha. It was a refreshing mix of lime, sugar and blackberries topped with sparkling water—and it tasted even better in front of the amazing view.

Bradford Health Services

5. BONUS: Mocktails for Mommy

Products from Mocktails for Mommy
Mocktails for Mommy also can do mocktails onsite for your next event. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Huntsville boasts incredible bars, but sometimes, you’re not in the mood to go out. What if you want to enjoy a spirit-free cocktail or non-alcoholic wine from the comfort of your couch?

That’s where Mocktails for Mommy swoops in and saves the day. As Alabama’s only female and Black-owned spirit-free cocktail business, Mocktails for Mommy is raising the bar for spirit-free drinks in the Rocket City. Crowd favorites are the Strawberry Margarita and non-alcoholic Rosé.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is possible and personalized treatment is available for you, call Bradford Health Services at 1-888-Sober40

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