5 spooky drinks you need to try in Huntsville

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These spooky drinks and Halloween-themed cocktails will get you into the “spirit,” so to speak. (Dragon’s Forge via Facebook)

One of my favorite aspects of the Halloween season is how — even as an adult — we can find different food and drinks that go along with the spooky season. And there are a few Huntsville establishments that currently offer some pretty cool and unusual spooky libations.

Here are 5 of them you need to try before the spooky season ends:

Bloody Hel, John!‘ at Ravenwood Meadery

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See what kind of spooky drinks are being made at Ravenwood Meadery at Lowe Mill. (Ravenwood Meadery)

Ravenwood Meadery at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment reminds me of some Gothic apothecary with all kinds of brews and potions bubbling over a cauldron.

And one of those seasonal “potions” you definitely need to try is the “Bloody Hel, John!” Here’s what’s in it: 4 ounces of 15.5% mead and house-made bloody Mary mix, garnished with a spicy/sweet/crispy green bean served over ice in a 16 ounce cup.

How’s THAT for unique?

‘The Swamp Brew’ and ‘The Vlad’ at Dragon’s Forge

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Try the Swamp Brew at Dragon’s Forge in Lowe Mill! (Dragon’s Forge via Facebook)

Also located at Lowe Mill, Dragon’s Forge has an entire menu of spooky-themed drinks this month, including “The Swamp Brew,” which consists of green apple, Sprite and lemonade garnished with a gummy frog, of course.

If that’s not your thing, how about try “The Vlad,” which is black cherry and blood orange mixed with tart lemonade and Sprite, and comes with a little gummy bat.

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Try The Vlad at Dragon’s Forge, garnished with a gummy bat. (Dragon’s Forge via Facebook)

‘Bitches Brew’ at Phat Sammy’s

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It may not look like the other spooky drinks, but it’ll sneak up on you! (Phat Sammy’s via Facebook)

Phat Sammy’s in downtown Huntsville already has a bit of a dark ambiance to it, and their seasonal drinks are served up in a way that gets you in the spooky spirit. I recommend the “Bitches Brew,” which is made with ginger syrup, earl grey syrup, lemon juice, gin, Palo Santo and lavender bitters.

‘Kiss on the Lips’ at The Martin

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Not the scariest looking drink out there, but there’s a hint of creepiness to the Kiss on the Lips. (The Martin via Facebook)

The Martin is another downtown watering hole that gets into the Halloween spirit, although the drink I chose to feature, the Kiss on the Lips, is available all year. This consists of frozen mango, rum, vodka, peach schnapps and a “kiss” of drizzled grenadine.

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The Martin gets into the Halloween spirit! (The Martin via Facebook)

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