5 spots in Huntsville to get gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers

noellas flowers
These sweet flowers would make any Valentine happy. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

We’re officially in the countdown to Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time to do some flower shopping.

Huntsville’s got plenty of blooms to go around, and here’s five of our favorite spots to grab the perfect bouquet for next Tuesday.

1. Noella’s Flowers

Short story time. I got a mini bouquet of flowers from Noella’s a few weeks ago, and they’re still beautiful. We’re pretty much convinced that their flowers are magical at this point.

Noella’s allows you to build a custom bouquet priced by the stem, so you can make yours as full or as dainty as you’d like. The helpful staff there will give you as much advice as you need to create the perfect arrangement.

2. The Flower Shoppe of Providence

the flower shoppe of providence
Does it get any more classic? (The Flower Shoppe of Providence / Facebook)

The Flower Shoppe of Providence offers beautiful flower arrangements as well as picture-perfect roses. Their Valentine Sweetheart 2023 Bouquet is a sweet-smelling, show-stopping bouquet that’s sure to impress.

3. Flower Child

flower child
This flower stand exudes country cuteness. (Flower Child Maysville / Facebook)

If you drive down Maysville Road, you’ll zip by a precious little flower stand called Flower Child. LeAnn and Gillian, a mother-daughter team, started Flower Child in 2020. They grow their sweet flowers on a little plot of land and hand-cut them before placing them in their stand.

You can find flowers at the stand most weekends during their open season, with tulips spotted there lately.

4. Bishop’s Flowers

bishops flowers
Bishop’s is a go-to for beautiful flowers in Huntsville. (Bishop’s Flowers / Facebook)

No list of flower shops in Huntsville would be complete without Bishop’s. Their professional and local florist services cover all the events and occasions you could think of—including Valentines Day, of course!

5. In Bloom Downtown Huntsville

in bloom downtown
In Bloom is an oasis in Downtown Huntsville. (In Bloom Floral Design Studio / Facebook)

Stepping into In Bloom on the corner of Jefferson and Clinton in downtown Huntsville will instantly make you happy. It’s filled with flowers, plants and decor that spill over into the sidewalks of downtown through their beautiful window displays and at their stand. They also have a flower bar inside where they host floral design classes!

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