5 interesting stats about Huntsville that might shock you

The Twickenham Historic District in Huntsville. (Hville Blast)

It’s no secret that Huntsville is growing rapidly. In 2021, it passed Birmingham to become Alabama’s largest city.

We found some facts about the Rocket City that might surprise you, all sourced from World Population Review.

1. The median age is 36.5

huntsville bridge street
The city is full of young professionals. (Hville Blast)

Our city is young–the average citizen is 36 and-a-half years old.

The average Huntsville woman is a little older than her male counterpart, as the average age for women is 37.7. The average man is 35.5.

2. Over half of Huntsvillians own their own homes

2200 Dug Hill Road, Brownsboro - Nicole Hartenbach, Keller Williams Realty
Good news for the housing market in Rocket City. (Submitted by Nicole Hartenbach)

57.5% of all Huntsvillians own their own homes, while 42.5% rent.

Married families own at a higher rate with 79% owning their own home as opposed to renting.

3. 1 in 5 residents has a graduate degree

jobs available in the huntsville area
Morton Hall at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. (Hville Blast)

Across the country, 37.9% of Americans have a bachelors degree or higher compared to Huntsville’s 45%, with 19.07% earning a gradute degree.

Here’s the full education breakdown:

  • Less than 9th grade: 2.23%
  • 9th to 12th grade: 6.32%
  • High school diploma: 17.39%
  • Some college: 20.76%
  • Associate’s degree: 7.5%
  • Bachelor’s degree: 26.73%
  • Graduate degree: 19.07%

4. 45% of men + 41% of women in Huntsville are married

Huntsville Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is a popular place to get married. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

For those of us in our twenties, if might seem like everyone we know is getting married, but that’s not actually the case.

Only 45% of men and 41% of women in Huntsville are married.

5. By 2029, the metro population is estimate to grow to 587,902

Downtown Huntsville beauty
Can you feel the magic through this photo? (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

The city’s metro population includes towns across Limestone and Madison counties–like Madison, Athens, Gurley, Harvest and Hazel Green.

Experts expect it to grow by over 100,000 residents in ten years. In 2019, it was 471,824 residents. By 2029, it’s expected to grow to over 580,000 residents.

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