5 steps to moving up in your Huntsville career + advice from local experts


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We all know the stereotypes—undergraduate degrees are for the young crowd, and graduate programs are for the professionals.

Welcome to the University of North Alabama, where stereotypes don’t define reality and programs provide solutions. UNA has designed a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree specifically for working professionals. It’s 100% online, super flexible and the key to moving up in your Huntsville career—read on to learn why.

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1. Go back to finish the degree

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Finishing your degree is easier than you think. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

According to the United States Census Bureau, only 44.8% of Huntsville’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Although it’s the most educated city in the state of Alabama (HomeArea.com), the need for more students to graduate with bachelor’s is higher than ever. All the Rocket City’s primary industries—aerospace, defense, information technology, bioscience and advanced manufacturing—have numerous roles that require a bachelor’s degree at the minimum.

So, what does this data mean for you? If you started college but never finished, this is your sign to go back and get to move up in your career.

If this sounds difficult or unfeasible to you, don’t fear—UNA’s Online BBA Flex is designed specifically for working professionals and it’s incredibly flexible. You’ll fit right in.

“A lot of our students are transfer students who have gone to school previously but they’re looking for the next step in their career.”

Rachel Patterson, Student Recruitment Relationship Specialist, UNA

Ready to take the next step in your Huntsville career? UNA’s Online BBA Flex has solutions for you—learn more today.

2. Choose a program that’s flexible

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Learn more about this degree—your Huntsville career will thank you. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

There’s nothing more frustrating than gaining endless credit hours at another institution only to find out that another university won’t accept them. Thankfully, the University of North Alabama knows time is limited for working professionals—they accept up to 90 transfer credit hours.

Additionally, the courses are 100% online, and you can choose one of the following options to reflect your learning style and pace:

  • Eight-week, self-paced courses
  • 16-week, instructor-guided courses
  • The best of both worlds—a mixture of the options above

“Not only is this program 100% online and works with your schedule, but we also have multiple scholarship opportunities for students.”

Rachel Patterson, Student Recruitment Relationship Specialist, UNA

Newly-enrolled Online BBA students automatically get 20% off tuition and get their first course free when enrolled in two or more courses.

3. Think outside the box

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Your Huntsville career offers more unique avenues than you could ever imagine. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

When most think of BBA career paths, they picture banks, HR and marketing agencies. However, there are many things you can do with a BBA, and Huntsville’s primary industries need more business-savvy employees to accomplish their work in engineering and beyond.

Lyndsay Ferguson, VP of Workforce at the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber, encourages BBA graduates to think outside of the box when pondering the next step in their Huntsville career.

“Our core business functions in Huntsville are aerospace, defense, information technology, bioscience, and advanced manufacturing. None of those industries seems to involve Business Administration on the surface, but the reality is, every single one of those sectors relies on Business Administration as a core function to perform their work.”

Lyndsay Ferguson, VP of Workforce, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber

Going to college isn’t cheap, but UNA’s programs are affordable and flexible—check out the Online BBA Flex today.

4. Prepare to thrive

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Now you have the tools you need to take the next step in your Huntsville career. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Ferguson also weighed in on how UNA Online BBA Flex graduates can leverage their non-traditional student experiences to move up in a Huntsville career.

When someone is already working full-time but chooses to go back to school, they demonstrate a tenacious spirit and determination to be a lifelong learner. Ferguson highly recommends that BBA Flex graduates discuss this strength during job interviews.

“For this group of Online BBA Flex graduates, one of the things that would stand out to me as a hiring manager is their desire to learn and to accomplish a goal. That in and of itself becomes a big win because you see someone who is eager and enthusiastic to continue to learn. I think that lifelong learner mentality is the foundational thing they need to build their Huntsville career.”

Lyndsay Ferguson, VP of Workforce, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber

5. Apply to UNA!

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Now is the time to take the next step in your Huntsville career. (Sam Thigpen / University of North Alabama)

Ready to get that promotion or change career fields in Huntsville? Check out UNA’s Online BBA Flex:

  • Credential: Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Cost: $340.00 per credit hour (not including the 20% off tuition)
  • Time to complete: Most will complete in 1.5-2 years
  • Mode offered: 100% online with the option to take classes at your own pace
  • Newly enrolled Online BBA Flex students get 20% off tuition + get the first course for free when enrolled in two or more courses.

“UNA is doing really great work, and I think their creativity in the non-traditional student sector is vital.”

Lyndsay Ferguson, VP of Workforce, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber

You can reach your educational goals all while working in the Rocket City. Take your Huntsville career to the next level and learn more about UNA’s Online BBA Flex today!

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