5 things to know about Baby Bite Bake Shop—the tiny cake bakery in Huntsville

baby bite bake shop
Emily Calvert is the owner of this cute little bakery. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Tucked into the red brick shopping center on Airport Road is a little bakery owned by Emily Calvert—Baby Bite Bake Shop.

We talked with Emily about her adorable bakery and how she got into the business of bringing joy to Huntsville—in the form of tiny cakes.

Here’s what you need to know about Baby Bite Bake Shop.

1. Baby Bites are arguably the most fun way to eat cake

baby bite bake shop
You want one now, don’t you? (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

I’m not the biggest fan of cake. The overwhelming amount of icing that is slathered on most cakes makes me want a cookie or pie instead.

But, Baby Bites are a different story.

The fresh-baked little cakes come in both classic and creative flavors and are covered in the perfect amount of icing for the perfect bite. Plus, they’re just fun to eat.

The most popular flavors are Red Velvet, Strawberry and Birthday Cake, but Emily’s favorite flavor is the Almond Baby Bite.

Speaking of Emily, let me introduce her to you (if you haven’t had the pleasure of talking with her already).

2. Emily got her start in baking during college

baby bite bake shop
Emily keeps her trays stocked with Baby Bite Bake Shop. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Emily got her start in baking at a Birmingham bakery, Pastry Art Bake Shoppe. She worked there during her college years, but thought it would just be a temporary job.

Emily was planning to go to graduate school for physical therapy. That plan didn’t work out—but another one did. The owners of Pastry Art, Carol and Denis Gregg, asked Emily if she wanted to open her own bakery.

“It was literally just like divine intervention…it kind of just fell into place.”

Emily Calvert, owner of Baby Bite Bake Shop

Figuring out where to open the new bakery was a big decision—but she eventually landed in Huntsville, and we’re glad she did.

Baby Bite Bake Shop opened its doors on May 22, 2018. Five years later, Emily is still baking tiny cakes for the Rocket City. But that’s not all she bakes up.

3. Baby Bite Bake Shop doesn’t just bake tiny cakes

baby bite bake shop
How cute are those mushrooms? (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Baby Bite Bake Shop is known for its Baby Bites, of course. But this little bakery does more than just that.

They sell full-size cakes, special holiday items (like the specialty heart cakes they have for Valentine’s Day right now!) and local coffee.

And if that wasn’t enough, Emily also puts together Baby Bite arrangements for weddings. Hundreds of Baby Bites adorn a towers and tables for a cute way to satisfy every wedding guest’s sweet tooth.

4. Their cheese coins are an unexpected favorite

baby bite bake shop
It doesn’t stop at sweets here. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

This little bakery is filled with lots of sweet treats, but they also have a special savory item that’s well worth a try.

Emily said that once customers try the cheese coins, they’re obsessed.

Whether customers are coming for the cheese coins, the Baby Bites or the specialty cakes, Emily enjoys interacting with every one.

“I have really great customers—especially during Covid, they were really loyal.”

Emily Calvert, owner of Baby Bite Bake Shop

If you’re a regular customer or looking to try out a Baby Bite for the first time, here’s where you can find them.

5. You can find them on Airport Road

baby bite bake shop
It’s little on size, but big on flavor. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

You can find Emily’s cute little shop on in the shopping center on Airport Road, with little blue chairs sitting outside for your to enjoy the nice days with a sweet treat.

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