7 birding trails near Huntsville—an amazing spring experience

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Alabama’s birding trails are great spots to visit in the spring. (Hville Blast)

One of my favorite hobbies is watching birds, and Alabama is a great state to enjoy this amazing pastime. Birding in this state is easy, and in North Alabama, I have found several great spots.

Check out some of the best birdwatching spots right here in the Huntsville area.

North Alabama Birding Trails

Alabama Audubon has played an important role in scouting the best public locations for watching birds year-round in several Alabama Birding Trail regions. Besides playing a critical role in organizing the Appalachian Highlands Birding Trail, Alabama Audubon board members also scouted sites for the Black Belt, West Alabama and Wiregrass Birding Trails.

Check out these trails near Huntsville:

Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano is a great place for birding. (Alabama Birding Trails)
  • Location: 5105 Nolen Avenue, Huntsville
  • What to look for: indigo buntings, great crested flycatchers, and red-eyed vireos
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Madison County Public Lake

Canada goose 1 1
Watch for Canadian geese at Madison County Public Lake. (Alabama Birding Trails)
  • Location: 2501 County Lake Road, Gurley
  • What to look for: Canada geese, warblers, vireos, northern cardinals and blue jays
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Skyline Wildlife Management Area

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A visit to the Skyline Wildlife Management Area is most rewarding in spring. (Skyline Wildlife Management via Facebook)
  • Location: 37 County Road 243, Scottsboro
  • What to look for: Yellow-breasted chats, field sparrows, indigo buntings, prairie warblers, wild turkeys, northern bobwhites, ruffed grouse
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Hays Nature Preserve

Wilsons snipe
Birding at Hays Nature Preserve is perfect, especially if you’re looking for snipe. (Alabama Birding Trails)
  • Location: 7161 US-431, Owens Cross Roads
  • What to look for: Great blue and green herons, belted kingfishers, Wilson snipe, song sparrows
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Roy B. Whitaker Paint Rock River Preserve

scissortailedflycatcher garykramer
Catch a glimpse of the scissor-tailed fly-catcher at Paint Rock River Preserve. (Alabama Birding Trails)
  • Location: US Hwy 72 and AL Hwy 65, Paint Rock, AL
  • What to look for: Grasshopper sparrows, scissor-tailed flycatchers, great crested flycatchers, red-eyed vireos
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Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station

Kenneth Ward DSCN9150
Try birding at Alabama A&M’s Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station! (Kenneth Ward/Alabama A&M)
  • Location: 372 Walker Ln, Hazel Green, AL
  • What to look for: Grasshopper sparrows, dickcissels, eastern meadowlarks
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Buck’s Pocket State Park

South Sauty Creek DGB VRT
You can find a wide variety of birds at Buck’s Pocket State Park. (Alabama Birding Trails)
  • Location: 393 County Road 174, Oak Grove
  • What to look for: Blue herons, bald eagles, red-eyed vireos, wood thrushes, scarlet tanagers
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