7 great local food options to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by visiting Hispanic eateries like the El Patron Supermarket. (El Patron Supermarket via Facebook)

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to October 15, celebrating the traditions and culture shared by more than 60 million people in the U.S. with Hispanic backgrounds.

In Huntsville, more than 12,000 people in the most recent census identified as Hispanic, and their influence in the city has grown over the years, especially in the city’s culinary scene. So we put together a guide to some of the best Hispanic eateries in the Rocket City. Check this out:

La Colonial Supermercado + Taqueria

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La Colonial is not only a fabulous restaurant, but also serves as a Hispanic supermarket as well. (La Colonial via Facebook)

Located at 1222 Jordan Ln NW, La Colonial Supermercado and Taqueria serves not only as one of the Huntsville area’s finest Hispanic supermarkets, but also is a top-notch restaurant as well.

The specialty at La Colonial is their birria — a slow-cooked shredded meat — and you can enjoy this delicacy in multiple dishes on the menu, from birria tacos and burritos to birria quesadillas. It is the perfect companion to queso.

Bandito Burrito

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Bandito Burrito on Governors Drive is one of my favorites. (Bandito Burrito via Facebook)

When I first moved here, I was told by dozens of people I needed to try Bandito Burrito, located at 3017 Governors Dr SW. I have since been back multiple times, and they never disappoint. My favorite menu item is the Picadillo, which features shredded meat, and I love their beans and rice.

Nava’s Bakery

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Nava’s Bakery is simply delicious, and a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience a true Hispanic bakery. (Nava’s via Facebook)

An authentic Hispanic bakery, Nava’s is located at 4710 S 4-A University Drive. From pastries to custom-made cakes and cookies, Nava’s is a real treat.

The menu not only features incredible baked goods, but also has some favorites like enchiladas and tamales.

Sabor Boricua

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I ate at this fabulous Puerto Rican food restaurant a few weeks ago and was very impressed. Located at 2106 Triana Blvd Suite A, Sabor Boricua serves authentic Puerto Rican food that will absolutely blow you away.

I recommend the Chicharrones de Pollo, which is (for lack of a better description) Puerto Rican fried chicken. It’s phenomenal. Check out the rest of their menu here.

Old Havana Cafe

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Old Havana Cafe in Hartselle has the best Cuban food I have ever eaten. (Old Havana Cafe via Facebook)

You simply cannot celebrate Hispanic heritage without recognizing the culinary delights of Cuban cuisine. Head t Hartselle and check out Old Havana Cafe at 800 Hwy 31 SW Suite C.

I am a sucker for a classic Cuban sandwich, and they have a fabulous one on the menu. In addition to their El Cubano, they also have amazing empanadas, Cuban steak sandwiches and more.

El Patron Supermarket

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El Patron has all of your grocery needs for authentic Mexican food. (El Patron via Facebook)

Known in the Hispanic community as “The Boss,” El Patron Supermarket is located at 4008 Holmes Ave. NW in Huntsville. El Patron offers anything from clothing and belts to fresh fruits and vegetables.

They have a large butcher area with chorizo, fresh seafood and some quality cuts of meat. If you are looking for something specific you may need for a Hispanic dish, I highly suggest El Patrón.

Dolce Pan Bakery

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Dolce Pan Bakery is another great spot to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Huntsville. (Dulce Pan Bakery via Facebook)

Located at 2818 Governors Dr SW, Dolce Pan Bakery is a Puerto Rican eatery that offers a wide range of menu items from Alcapurria (green banana dough stuffed with ground beef) to chorizo empanadas to fresh baked goods like guava and cream cheese turnovers.

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