7 places to find comedy shows, including open mics in Huntsville

open mics in huntsville
Who’s ready to laugh at these open mics in Huntsville? (Shenanigans Comedy Theatre)

July 1st is international joke day, so grab your dad so he can test his best dad puns at open mics in Huntsville. Keep reading to find out where you and your besties can laugh your butts off.

1. Shenanigans Comedy Theatre

graphic for comedy night
(Shenanigans Comedy Theatre)

We love open mics in Huntsville and Shenanigans Comedy Theatre hosts one every Thursday. If you think you have what it takes, then sign up for the Joker’s Wild Comedy Open Mic. Sign-up begins at 7:30PM and the winner can take home at least $20!

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2. Black Dog Grounds + Sounds

Open mics in Huntsville keep growing! the people at Black Dog Grounds + Sounds are working with Jerome from Them Damn Dogs to host an open mic night. They’re currently working out the kinks of the schedule, but the details should be out soon.

3. Stand Up Live

drink at stand up live
Take a sip after you laugh. 😉 (Stand Up Live)

Nestled right off the Parkway, stand up and laugh with a fruity drink at Stand Up Live. Every weekend there’s a new comedian performing for the comedy lovers in Huntsville. Laugh the night away!

4. Epic Comedy Hour 11 year anniversary

Ready for a weekend of exciting shows, special guests and laughter? The Huntsville Epic Comedy Hour is bringing the funniest people out to the Rocket City. Check out the weekend full of excitement:

Get your tickets here. FYI, these performances are for mature audiences only!

5. Open Mic at the House

open mics in huntsville
Pick your seat! (The Foundation Coffeehouse)

The Foundation Coffeehouse is one of the open mics in Huntsville that accepts poets, singers, musicians and comedians. Join them every Tuesday for tacos and live performers. Sign-up starts at 6:30PM.

We guarantee that you’ll laugh.

6. Gold Sprint Coffee

graphic for open mic night
Plan to laugh. (Gold Sprint Coffee)

Whether you want to play music or perform your comedy skit, Gold Sprint Coffee welcomes everyone who wants to perform. The setup is casual and friendly, so share those funny stories and vibe with the crowd.

7. Bored Teachers at Mars Music Hall

Bored? So are teachers! Head over to Mars Music Hall for TWO shows about teachers making jokes about the classroom, work and summer boredom. This relatable comedy is something you won’t want to miss.

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