7 must-try summer-inspired coffee drinks in Huntsville

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Looking to try something different in the morning? Order one of these coffee specials at your fave local shops around Huntsville. In no particular order, we’ve gathered some of the drinks you’ll want to indulge in.

1. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls—Old Towne Coffee

Saddle up, summer’s winding down and Old Towne Coffe is bringing in “The Weekend” flavors. If you’re a fan of this singer-songwriter, then tru one the drink specials named after some of his best hits. I’m most excited to try House of Baloons/ Glass Table Girls, an iced black sugar latte.

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2. DIY Dolce—Gold Sprint

Since Gold Sprint was voted as number one best coffee on 9th Ave, according to their Instagram, you better head over and try the DIY Dolce. This special is only available from now until August 14th, when the Sluice Fest ends.

3. Zesty Lady—OFFbeat Coffee Studio

For the zesty taste of summer, order an iced Zesty Lady. The hint of orange is the perfect way to cool off with the season.

4. Orange Dreamsicle—Honest Coffee Roasters

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(Honest Coffee Roasters)

The Orange Dreamsicle at Honest Coffee Roasters tastes like summer break nostalgia. Using Piper & Leaf’s sensational Lemon Berry Blush, Honest infuses strawberry and orange with sweet cream for that perfect cream pop flavor. Though it’s tea, we recommend this drink.

5. Piper & Leaf

I’m more of a dirty chai person myself. (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

Did you know that you can flavor the coffee at Piper & Leaf with their tea concentrate? Personally, I love an Old Fashioned Birthday Cake Lattee, but the Sweet Dixie (the summertime flavor) in the pour-over adds a nice fruity touch.

6. Dragon’s Forge Cafe

Kiss the heat goodbye with Dragon’s forge Cafe’s fall flavors. You’ll love the raspberry truffle latte, their August special that’s flavored with the sweetest raspberries and decadent chocolate. A match forged in fire! 😉

7. BEANACO—Northside

Don’t let the summer slip away just yet! At Northside coffee, order the Beanaco latte for a fruity and nutty summertime coffee.

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