8-bit life — 4 Huntsville arcades that are next level

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The Huntsville area has some fantastic arcades to enjoy! (Collin Stewart/Hville Blast)

Huntsville is full of fun places for the perfect night of fun. That includes a good list of arcades in the area that make for an entertaining outing in the Rocket City.

Here are four Huntsville arcades where you can get your game on!

At the Pier Arcade

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At the Pier is on of our favorite arcades in Huntsville. (Collin Stewart/Hville Blast)

At the Pier Arcade is located in Parkway Place. It’s a very small area, but it packs a lot of games. From retro to modern, it’s got it all.

Main Event

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One of the newer arcades in the area is Main Event. (Collin Stewart/Hville Blast)

Main Event is the most recent addition to Huntsville’s collection of arcades. What’s special about this spot is that it also houses a 20-foot-high gravity rope obstacle course.

Dave + Buster’s

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You can’t talk about great arcades without mentioning Dave & Busters. (Collin Stewart/Hville Blast)

Dave and Buster’s is well-known to most people, but it deserves all of the credit. Containing arcade games, tabletop games, billiards, air hockey, and more, this arcade has something for everyone.

Stars + Strikes

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So much fun to be had at Stars & Strikes. (Collin Stewart/Hville Blast)

Stars and Strikes, while similar to Dave and Buster’s, is not only full of arcade games. This spot provides customers with the addition of bowling! Bowling and arcade games put together is a full night of fun.

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If you’re looking for a great spot to spend a night in Huntsville with friends and family, these four arcade spots are perfect.

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