9 best desserts in Huntsville, according to Huntsvillians

cookie fix
It’s time for a sweet treat! (Cookie Fix)

National Dessert Day is October 14, and we’re getting ready for it with 9 of the best desserts in Huntsville. Each one of these were suggested by locals, so you know they’re good. We’ve got something for everybody in this list, so read on to find something that could be your new favorite!

1. Cookie Fix cookies

We’re putting Cookie Fix at the top of our list because so many people recommended it! Their cookies are baked daily and there’s always something new on the menu to try (so we couldn’t pick just one!).

2. Pain au Chocolat at L’Etoile Patisserie

L'Etoile Patisserie huntsville date ideas
Live out your Parisian dream. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

This is another one that comes highly recommended by locals. L’Etoile Patisserie serves all kinds of fresh pastries and they have a fresh menu each week. But one item that stays on it is the Pain au Chocolat. It’s homemade croissant dough wrapped around four dark chocolate rods—it’s simple but divine.

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3. Cinnamon Rolls at Regale Cupcakery

cinnamon roll 1 1
The sheen on that glaze is perfect. (Regale Cupcakery / Facebook)

Regale Cupcakery serves up some delicious cupcakes. But did you know they also have some amazing cinnamon rolls? You’ll want to give these a try if you haven’t already.

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4. Fried Oreos at Melt

melt oreo dessert
With powdered sugar on top? Yes please. (MELT / Facebook)

Craving something on the decadent side? Try these deep-fried double stuff Oreos at Melt in Downtown Huntsville.

5. Strawberry Pretzel Salad at Dallas Mill Deli

dallas mill deli strawberry pretzel salad
A Southern classic done right. (Dallas Mill Deli / Facebook)

This is my kind of salad. A sweet-sweet-and salty Southern classic dessert. This one’s a staple at many holiday tables in the South, but you can get it year-round at Dallas Mill Deli in Five Points.

The strawberry pretzel salad from Dallas Mill is the BEST!!


6. The Yard Milkshakes

The Yard
This shake is huge! (The Yard / Facebook)

Ever since The Yard opened up its Town Madison location, we’ve been loving it. They’ve got over-the-top milkshakes of all kinds. Don’t miss their seasonal specials and their Madison exclusive flavor—the Graham Slam.

7. Limoncello Torte at Bacchus Wine & Tapas

For something a little bit more refined, make sure to check out Bacchus Tapas’ dessert menu. They’ve got different types of pies and cakes, but the Limoncello Torte is one of the best.

8. Strawberry Shortcake Donut from Parlor Doughnuts

Parlor Doughnuts
I’ll take one of each, please. (Parlor Doughnuts / Facebook)

It’s hard to choose just one of Parlor Doughnuts’ amazing flavors, but we hear the strawberry shortcake variety is top-notch.

  • Location: 2500 Clinton Ave Ste B, Huntsville, AL 35805
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 6:30AM-4PM | 6:30AM-2PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Gelato at Sam & Greg’s

Sam & Greg's gelato
This coffee cookie crumble gelato is calling my name. (Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria/Gelateria – Huntsville on Facebook)

Sam & Gregs has two locations scooping customers the most creamy and creative gelato. You’re sure to find a new flavor to try every time you stop by, and there’s no way you can go wrong.

Did you find your favorite on the list? There’s many more delectable desserts to celebrate National Dessert Day in Huntsville. Let us know your favorite on social media by tagging us @hvilleblast or by using our hashtag #hvilleblast!

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