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You never know what you’ll find at Flucy Lucy Antique Market. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Flucy Lucy Antique Market is an eclectic vintage antique store you have to visit. Keep scrolling to see why I loved my experience at Flucy Lucy and what makes it different than other traditional antique stores.

1. They have items you’ve probably never seen before

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From books from the 1600s to vintage games to antique decor, I spotted many items I haven’t found elsewhere. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

I was impressed by the true variety of items I found around the store. One of the owners, Taylor McLendon, explained that since buying the store three years ago, they’ve been focused on curating an eclectic, cohesive selection of antiques and oddities.

“When we bought it, there were around 22 vendors and we had no control over the content of the store.

Now we have I would say 80% of the floor, so we have more control over the selection.”

Taylor McLendon, Owner of Flucy Lucy Antique Market

They like to keep things fresh and are always bringing in new items.

“Some days, it’s like Pawn Stars in here—you never know who’s gonna pull up and what they’ll have in their trunk.

We also go all over to pick stuff up to keep the inventory new and interesting.”

Taylor McLendon, Owner of Flucy Lucy Antique Market

2. It’s different every time you visit

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Flucy Lucy keeps you guessing—can you spot the difference between visits? (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

From quarter to quarter, the owners rearrange the shop to prevent it from getting too boring. They want to keep their customers engaged and excited, so they switch up the floor arrangement, seasonal decor and art displays.

“We constantly curate and change the store’s inventory, so it’s always different. We shop a lot and have ADHD, which keeps us active and searching for new items.”

Taylor McLendon, Owner of Flucy Lucy Antique Market

3. There is a color-changing mural outside

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This fun mural transforms at night. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

On the left wall of the building, you’ll find a tall colorful mural. But there’s more than meets the eye: the mural is different at night because it’s blacklight reactive. Drive by during the day and night to spot the difference.

4. It’s on the Antique Trail

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Start your Antique Trail journey at Flucy Lucy. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Flucy Lucy is one of many neat antique stores on the Alabama Antique Trail with a remarkable collection of antiques. You’ll find more peculiar items and pieces here than other traditional antique stores.

“It’s been a labor of love to bring antiques and oddities and curiosities.”

Taylor McLendon, Owner of Flucy Lucy Antique Market

5. The owners are dedicated to curating a fun space

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This fun art decor may not be there next time you visit. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Owners Taylor McLendon, Michael Chunn and Aaron Kilgove are the three masterminds behind Flucy Lucy. They are fun-loving, outside-the-box antique lovers focused on curating an eclectic space packed with fun items.

Forget the serious, stuffy feel of traditional antique stores when you enter Flucy Lucy. From painted floors to packed shelves to decorated ceilings, there’s something to admire everywhere you look. And the items for sale aren’t boring, either.

“We’re curating wants, not needs. If you’re not having fun, then we’re not having fun, and there’s something missing”

Taylor McLendon, Owner of Flucy Lucy Antique Market

My advice? Don’t enter Flucy Lucy in search of something specific—instead, enter with an open mind and let the store tell you what you need.

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