Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering opens in Huntsville

ASCTE Students First Day 2022 23 School Year
Students at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering on their first day of the 2022-23 academic year. A student designed the special ‘Launch’ t-shirts they are wearing. (ASCTE)

A state magnet school centered on cyber technology marks its first school year in its new building in Huntsville this year. The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering will hold a ribbon cutting of its 26-acre campus located in Cummings Research Park on September 23.

Students from across the state are eligible to attend the school, which emphasizes cyber resiliency across all disciplines.

Driving innovation in cyber technology

ASCTE overhead1
The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering is located in Cummings Research Park. (ASCTE)

ASCTE is the state’s third magnet school and is the first school in the U.S. to implement cyber resiliency into all subjects.

Alicia Ryan, president of the ASCTE Foundation Board and vice chair of the ASCTE Board of Trustees, said the opening of the campus is the result of a multi-year collaborative effort between commercial, private, governmental, academic and non-profit organizations.

“We are humbled by the incredible momentum that continues to propel ASCTE forward as a national leader, preparing high school students with relevant knowledge that will reinforce our position in defense, security and intelligence across all industries. As our students learn in this state-of-the-art facility, we are optimistic that they will drive the innovation we so desperately need for a prosperous tomorrow.”

Alicia Ryan, president of the ASCTE Foundation Board

Cutting the ribbon at a state-of-the-art facility

Students began classes this fall at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering for its inaugural year. (ASCTE via Twitter)

The distinctive design of the school’s two buildings incorporates collaborative learning spaces, engineering workshops, cyber ranges, an accelerator space, STEM labs, high-tech classrooms, a fitness center, a salon, student common areas, conference space and a 400-seat lecture hall. 

Apartments for staff and residential suites for 150 students are also included in the school’s almost 130,000 square feet of space.

“Our Foundation has worked tirelessly to ensure that our campus is something our state can be proud of. And here we are, with one of the most innovative high school campuses in the United States—serving some of Alabama’s most promising students. Our work here is changing the landscape of higher education and industry by producing graduates prepared both in theory and practice.”

Matt Massey, president of ASCTE

Tuition for ASCTE is free, and admission is open to students throughout the state of Alabama. To learn more about the school and how to apply, visit the ASCTE website.

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