Antoine Dodson – Huntsville’s internet sensation – has new beer at Straight to Ale

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Straight to Ale will unveil its new lager named for internet star Antoine Dodson. (Straight to Ale via Facebook)

We have all seen the video multiple times over the last 10 years of Huntsville’s Antoine Dodson telling folks to “Hide your kids, hide your wives,” and the internet sensation is still garnering attention for it a decade later as Straight to Ale brewery will unveil its new Run N’ Tell That lager this weekend.

The event Saturday will present the new brew at Straight to Ale with Dodson in attendance. Here are some more details:

Run N’ Tell That lager

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Run N’ Tell That lager is a tribute to Huntsville’s Antoine Dodson. (Straight to Ale via Facebook)

One would think that a person’s “15 minutes of fame” would not last for more than 10 years as Dodson’s has, but the video of Dodson telling a WAFF reporter about a break-in and assault at his home on Webster Drive in Huntsville has been viewed millions of times and is still viewed and shared today.

The WAFF interview was then made into a song called “Bed Intruder Song,” which also gained more than a million views on YouTube.

Dodson ended his statement to WAFF by saying “You can run and tell that, homeboy!” Hence the new beer at Straight to Ale called Run N’ Tell That lager.

A limited number of 6-packs of the lager will also be available for purchase in the tap room, and when they are sold out, they’re gone for good.

The ‘Red Carpet’ event

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Come out to Straight to Ale Saturday and try the new beer inspired by Antoine Dodson! (Straight to Ale via Facebook)

Straight to Ale’s “Red Carpet Night” starts at 5PM and runs until 10PM, and Antoine Dodson himself will be there. Don’t miss your chance to have your picture taken with Antoine on the red carpet and see him perform his famous “Bed Intruder” song live!

Huntsville’s own Dj 5 Nd Play will also perform a special set of fan favorites to keep the party going.

Together with collaboration, Dodson is dedicated to giving back to the community of Huntsville through charities like SmileAwile Inc. and the Witness Riders.

“The release party is going to be a can’t miss event of the year, and I am excited to celebrate those cultural touchstones that these videos were and their lasting legacy. And bringing the community together for these new beers, comradery and to support these great causes makes it even more special.”

Antoine Dodson

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