Athens named one of Alabama’s safest cities in new study

Athens is one of Alabama's safest cities.
Athens was named one of the safest cities in Alabama in a recent study. (Tennessee Valley Aerials LLC)

With real estate still hot in Alabama, folks looking to relocate within the state surely take into account how safe a community is when deciding where they want to live. So if safety is what you are looking for, then Athens is a great place to consider.

Athens was recently named one of Alabama’s safest cities in a recent study by And rightly so.

Alabama’s 15 Safest Cities

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Athens ranked among the 15 safest cities in Alabama. (Limestone County EDA), an online real estate guide, studied cities in Alabama to come up with a list of the state’s safest cities, and North Alabama was represented on the list by three cities: Athens, Muscle Shoals and Rainsville.

The study looked at indirect factors like poverty rates to broaden the scale of the study. However, these factors are weighted less than crime rates because poverty rates and income alone don’t determine whether or not a city is safe.

Uphomes considered the following in its rankings:

  • City violent crime rate — 35%
  • City nonviolent crime rate — 30%
  • FEMA index rating — 15%
  • Median household income — 5%
  • Poverty rate — 5%
  • Cost of living — 5%
  • Population density — 5%

Here’s the list of Alabama’s Safest Cities from

  1. Headland
  2. Pell City
  3. Rainbow City
  4. Southside
  5. Monrieville
  6. Muscle Shoals
  7. Gardendale
  8. Rainsville
  9. Mountain Brook
  10. Glencoe
  11. Margaret
  12. Athens
  13. Pelham
  14. Satsuma
  15. Helena

How Athens was ranked among Alabama’s safest cities

Athens was ranked as one of Alabama's safest cities.
A low crime rate helped Athens rank among Alabama’s safest cities. (City of Athens)

Athens has the sixth lowest violent crime rate in Alabama, though the nonviolent crime rate is higher, coming in 31st. The cost of living in Athens is 13.8% below the national average, which is one of the reasons Athens is the 12th safest city in Alabama.

Athens’ FEMA score was 73.59, which also helped its ranking.

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