9 spots to get authentic birria tacos in Huntsville

Super Mercado La Colonial
These birria tacos from La Colonial look perfectly cheesy. (Super Mercado La Colonial on Facebook)

Looking for a place to chow down on delicious birria tacos, a Mexican staple dish? Look no further because we’ve gathered some restaurants serving up the tastiest birria tacos in Huntsville.

1. Taqueria Las Adelitas

birria tacos in huntsville
Only 3 for $10.50. (Taqueria Las Adelitas)

If it’s one thing Old Madison Pike is known for, then it would be being home to Taqueria las Adelitas. If you’re looking for tasty authentic birria tacos in Huntsville, you should stop by here sometime.

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2. Hops N Guac

Picture this: it’s Tuesday and you’re craving tasty beers and birria tacos, so you and your friends head to Hops and Guac and have the best night. Sounds perfect right? Now we’ve planted the idea in your head, it’s time to go out there and do it.

3. Taqueria Los Arrieros Food Truck

At Taqueria Los Arrieros Food Truck, they’ve mastered slow-cooked beef. Give these birria tacos in Huntsville a try for yourself and let us know what you think.

4. Taqueria El Cazador

Una orden de birria, por favor. Taqueria El Cazador not only has a food truck, but a storefront in the Stovehouse. Check them out there or order on GrubSouth—you won’t be disappointed.

5. El Palomino Taqueria

Since El Palomino specializes in tacos, you definitely want to try theirs. As some of the tastiest birria tacos in Huntsville, this dish will live in your head rent-free.

6. Nacho’s Mexican Food Truck

birria tacos in huntsville
Lunch sounds perfect. (Nacho’s Mexican Food Truck)

Lunch plans in MidCity? Try Nacho’s for lunch and I don’t mean the dish, but the food truck. Typically, you can find it stationed near the Chevron station at the corner of Old Monrovia and University.

7. Agave & Rye Epic Tacos

For something a little different, order a birria ramen from Agave & Rye Epic tacos. You’ll love this fusion food made with slow-braised beef, noodles, veggies and beef consomme.

8. El Mariachi

For food that hits the spot, then order from El Mariachi. As one of my fave spots to order birria tacos in Huntsville, you’ll be willing to drive to North Huntsville for this meal.

9. La Colonial Supermercado y Taqueria

Super Mercado La Colonial
These birria tacos from La Colonial look perfectly cheesy. (Super Mercado La Colonial on Facebook)

La Colonial Supermercado has options when it comes to birria tacos in Huntsville! If you’re not in the mood for tacos, then you can order ramen, quesadillas or a burrito. Plus it’s a supermarket so you can get all of the ingredients to make your very own at home.

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