Brand new Gordon Food Service Store opens in Huntsville—Feb. 1

Are you excited for the new Gordon Food Service Store? (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Huntsville, get ready for a brand new spot to shop for all of your groceries and kitchen necessities. Gordon Food Service Store is opening its first Alabama location right here in Rocket City on Tuesday, February 1. Keep reading for all the details on the new store and where to find it.

Details to know so you can go shop

Gordon Food Service Store
Let’s get shopping. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Head to the Hunstville West Shopping Center tomorrow, and you’ll catch the grand-opening of the one-and-only Gordon Food Service Store in Alabama. The Michigan-based store has locations in ten other states as well as several storefronts throughout Canada.

What do they have?

Fresh fruit at Gordon Food Service.(Gordon Food Service / Facebook)

Wondering what to expect from this new spot? If you’ve ever been to Costco or Sam’s Club, Gordon Food Service is very similar. They carry bulk items, including everything from fresh produce to frozen foods to cleaning supplies. They also have a full service deli providing cheeses, rotisserie chickens, salads and other meats by the pound.

Don’t miss out on the perks only Gordon Food Service Stores offer. Membership is free to the public and includes in-store services like event planning and a home ordering program with pickup or delivery. No more long trips to the store; you can get groceries sent straight to your door.

More about Gordon Food Service

First founded in 1897 by Isaac Van Westenbrugge as a butter and egg delivery business, Gordon Food Service grew to become the largest family-managed foodservice distribution company in North America. They have partnered with all types of businesses throughout the years including restaurants, universities, hotels, healthcare facilities and sports venues. 

Gordon Food Service is also committed to helping both the environment and their local community, so you can know your grocery dollars are making a big difference.

Last year, Gordon Food Service partnered with Square Roots, the technology leader in indoor farming to build a pilot farm located at their headquarters. The company plans to establish even more indoor farms across the nation in the future. They also recently launched their Re.Source brand, a new effort towards waste reduction and education.

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