Celebrate the Lunar New Year with these 5 Chinese restaurants

This year is the year of the tiger! (Birmingham Chinese Festival Association)

Did you know that Tuesday, February 1st is the Lunar New Year? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know to celebrate this event in Huntsville, including the history and food. Keep reading to find out more. 

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

hsv botanical gardens
Visit the Asian temple at the botical gardens for Lunar New Year. (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

Although many cultures celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year, the tradition is especially important in Chinese culture. The Lunar New Year is observed on the first day of the lunar calendar—a calendar whose months are moon cycles—which means that day is always shifting, just like the moon! This year, the official start of the lunar calendar falls on February 1.

FUN FACT: This holiday lasts 16 days and is celebrated with fireworks for good luck, lantern celebrations and nian huo (Chinese New Year products). Everything is also red for good fortune.

A huge part of the holiday is family and food. Like any celebration, food brings us together, so check out these Chinese restaurants to support around the Huntsville area.

1. China Cook

china cok
A classic dish! (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

One of Huntsville’s fastest-growing neighborhoods harbors one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Tennesse Valley. Located next to Publix in Winchester Plaza, grab some lo mein and wonton soup at China Cook.

2. China Sun

china sun
Visit for great vibes + flavoful dishes. (China Sun’s Facebook)

Before the old Grissom became the South Huntsville Public Library on Bailey Cove Road, every high school student found their way to China Sun for fried rice and dumplings. If you’re a fan of huge portions and low prices, then you’ll want to give China Sun a try. Everything is of great quality from the customer service to the taste!

3. Four Leaves

lunar new year eats
Eating dumplings for Lunar New Year is a tradition. (Four Leaves’ Facebook)

If you’re looking for a classic taste, then head over to Four Leaves for a cozy and inviting atmosphere with great dining options. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the flavors of Southeastern Asia and China. Did we mention they have sushi? That’s a win for me.

4. Asian House—Madison

madison chinese
Go for a warm ambiance + great food. (Asian House’s Facebook)

Get tasty products served with love at the Asian House in Madison. This place is great for those who love a lowkey spot to celebrate. There’s something for everyone!

5. Golden China—Madison

Golden China in Madison is another top spot for casual dining on Lunar New Year. Celebrate by trying their Mandarin Triple Crown, a rice dish with beef, chicken and shrimp.

Bringing in the Lunar New Year with these events

kids making potstickers
Food is the best way to share culture + have fun. (Yuwenbon Language Services’ Facebook)

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