Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day in the Rocket City

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Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? (Melt Huntsville via Facebook)

Guess what, Huntsville? Wednesday, April 12, is National Grilled Cheese Day. And if you don’t already know where and how you are going to celebrate this delicious lunchtime staple, we have several fabulous suggestions for you.

Here are a handful of places in the Huntsville area where you can get a top-notch grilled cheese sandwich:


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Melt has mastered the art of the grilled cheese sandwich. (Melt Huntsville via Facebook)

Let’s start our National Grilled Cheese Day celebration discussion with the restaurant that is anchored by their mastery of the sandwich. Melt started as a food truck in Birmingham that sold grilled cheese sandwiches exclusively. So these folks know their stuff. Located downtown, Melt has a variety of different takes on the classic grilled cheese.

Dallas Mill Deli

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Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with Dallas Mill Deli. (Dallas Mill via Facebook)

If you have lived in Huntsville for at least a year, surely you have eaten lunch at Dallas Mill. And if you have eaten there, I have to assume you have tried their grilled pimento cheese sandwich. If you haven’t, then make your plans to do so for National Grilled Cheese Day.

Big Spring Cafe

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A grilled cheese at Big Spring Cafe is always best with a bowl of soup on the side. (Big Spring Cafe via Facebook)

One of the oldest restaurants in Huntsville also makes one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Huntsville. I don’t know what it is they do to make it so good, but it’s darn tasty — especially with a bowl of soup on the side!

Parm & Pepper

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Parm & Pepper at Stovehouse has a grilled cheese with a kick. Their Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese sounds like the perfect combination of tailgate apps and comfort food.

Good Company Cafe

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If you are going to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day, why not go all out and order the Glorified Grilled Cheese from Good Company Cafe? This masterpiece comes complete with pulled pork, Swiss and Havarti cheeses and arugula pesto on sourdough bread. 

Where’s you favorite spot to get a grilled cheese sandwich? Let us know!

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