Celebrate the grand reopening of The Bakingtist–a unique science themed bakery in Huntsville

Curtis at The Bakingtsit
Curtis ate every bite of his sandwich, “the Vittadini,” from The Bakingtist. (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

The Bakingtist will host a grand reopening to officially launch their new menu on Friday, August 11. The bakery is on a mission to share the science behind baking and recently added brand new sandwiches to its line up of breads and pastries.

What’s new on the menu?

IMG 4274
The Ruelle sandwich at The Bakingtist–bacon, egg, tomato and cheese on a freshly made bun. (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)
IMG 4287
New drink items feature the blackberry tea (left) and iced peach latte (right). (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

The Bakingtist, which opened last December, has added a variety of new sandwiches (named after scientists!) and drinks to its menu of artisan breads, pastries and other made-from-scratch baked goods.

I tried “The Ruelle,” a new pretzel bread sandwich complete with bacon, egg, tomato and cheese on a freshly made bun. Curtis, our content producer intern and self described foodie, ordered “The Vittadini,” a roast beef sandwich with black truffle cream, onion, lettuce, tomato and roast beef on a fresh baguette. Here’s what he thought:

“When I was originally looking through The Bakingtist’s Facebook page to see what would be on their new menu, this sandwich was the first one that caught my eye. I wasn’t disappointed. Every ingredient was undeniably fresh, and the truffle sauce added a really savory flavor to top it all off.”

Curtis Venetta, Content Producer Intern + self described foodie

Why is it called “The Bakingtist?”

IMG 4270 1
The Bakingtist’s Periodic Table of Baking Elements. (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

At the Bakingtist, you’ll feel like you’re back in chemistry lab but with better bites than your lunchbox Uncrustables. The bakery’s seating is composed of science lab tables, classroom chairs and classic school desks while posters of scientists adorn the walls.

The Bakingtist is on a mission: SHARE THE SCIENCE. The Bakingtist aims, through fun and community interaction, to share the science learned from meticulous testing of baked goods.

The Bakingtist, from their website

Where can I find The Bakingtist?

IMG 4269 1
The outside of The Bakingtist has great outdoor seating options. (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

Located in downtown Huntsville, The Bakingtist has indoor and outdoor seating options for patrons looking to dine in. Opening weekend begins on Friday, August 11 when the restaurant opens at 9AM.

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