CLOSING: Offbeat Coffee Studio is saying goodbye after 5 years

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We’ll miss this spot for sure. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

After three beloved Huntsville breweries announced their closures in a span of a few weeks, it’s tough to say goodbye to another small business that has brought the community together over good coffee for the past five years.

Offbeat Coffee Studio is closing both its Campus 805 location and its Rideout Road location. Read on to hear what the owners had to say about the unfortunate closing, as well as how long you have to visit before it’s gone.

Offbeat’s two locations will be remembered fondly

Over its five years in business, Offbeat Coffee Studio crafted some of the most creative coffees Huntsville’s ever gotten to experience. From their beautiful Galaxy Latte to recent creations like the Charred Grapefruit Espresso Soda, their ever-changing menu kept us coming back for more.

“We’ve had lots of beautiful moments owning Offbeat Coffee, along with lots of tough moments. We struggled back and forth on this decision because we feel as if Offbeat is our child but ultimately this is the right decision for our family at this time.”

Kyle + Anna Husband (Facebook)

Not only were the drinks amazing, but the atmosphere at Offbeat was one-of-a-kind. Their flagship location at Campus 805 housed funky red-and-black decor, a mini record store and the most kind staff. It was the perfect spot for study sessions, meetings and coffee dates.

“We have truly enjoyed getting to know and love the Huntsville community and watching the city grow around us. We have been blessed with the most amazing staff over the past 5 years and to them we are so grateful.”

Kyle + Anna Husband (Facebook)

We’re grateful for Offbeat, too.

You have until August 21 to get your Offbeat fix

Kyle and Anna Husband said, “Come by and see us before the end of the month, enjoy some good coffee and laughs and send us off with well wishes.” (Facebook) We know Huntsville will do just that.

Here’s where you can find Offbeat before they’re gone.

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