CLOSING: Toybox Bistro “victim of the aftermath of Covid”

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Where else can you get specials like this? (Toybox Bistro / Facebook)

After both Salty Nut Brewery and Fractal Brewing Project announced their closures in the past week, we didn’t expect to see another closure so soon. Unfortunately, Toybox Bistro, a local favorite for out-of-the-box menu items, is also shutting its doors. Here’s what to know.

A tearful farewell for Toybox Bistro

toybox bistro
We sure will miss these over-the-top burgers. (Toybox Bistro / Facebook)

In their Facebook announcement, Toybox Bistro said that their last day serving up their fun local favorites will be August 5—after over 7 years in business.

“It is with a heavy heart and a few tears that we are making this announcement. The truth be told, we are just another victim of the aftermath of Covid.”

Toybox Bistro, Facebook

Though this news is certainly sad, Toybox Bistro also said that they felt they achieved their dream.

“Our dream was to have a place that anyone could feel comfortable, have a great meal and maybe a laugh or 2. We definitely feel that goal was reached.”

Toybox Bistro, Facebook

We couldn’t agree more. Toybox Bistro is a special place in the Huntsville community, and they served some incredible food you can’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the menu items we’ll be grabbing before August 5, and missing afterwards.

  • The PB & Yay: Peanut butter, ghost pepper and bacon—on a burger
  • Waffled Mac n’ Cheese: Yes, that’s right
  • Huntsvegas “Hot” Chicken: A grilled chicken sandwich loaded with signature toppings like sweet-and-spicy pickles and sweet-and-smoky sauce

And that’s just a taste of the regular menu. Toybox Bistro has, over the years, created a plethora of unique specials—from pizza croissants to breakfast cereal French toast.

Visit before their closing

toybox brunch
You’ve still got several chances to get your Toybox fix. (Toybox Bistro / Facebook)

There’s still time to grab your Toybox Bistro favorites, though. Saturday, August 5, will be their last day in business, which means you still have a little over a week to visit.

Here’s where you can find it.

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