Construction underway at The Wellory in Huntsville’s MidCity District

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Ground was broken Tuesday at The Wellory apartment project at MidCity. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

This time last month, MidCity announced the upcoming construction of Wellory Living,  a “net zero energy” multifamily development bringing net zero energy living and dining options to the area.

Tuesday, ground was broken on the project, one that city leaders say may lead the way for sustainable building in Huntsville. Here’s what’s up:

The Wellory Living

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The Wellory Living apartment complex will be a net zero energy multifamily development in MidCity. (Elite 3D Visuals)

RCP Companies is partnering with Grounded Capital Partners to bring the Wellory Living development to Huntsville. The six-story development situated on 4.2 acres on the corner of Old Monrovia and Stax Street will feature:

  • 328 apartment units
  • 13,582 square feet of ground floor retail
  • Coworking spaces
  • Roof-level lounge
  • Outdoor terrace with district views

The $108 million Wellory Living development aims to have a net zero impact through:

  • Solar cell photo-voltaic panels
  • Reflective roofing
  • Greatly reduced leakage and waste
  • Smart thermostats

“Wellory Living is a first-of-a-kind intentional play around environmental sustainability and well-being for Huntsville residents. Not only will it have a lighter environmental footprint to build, but it will also have a much lighter footprint to operate, saving money while conserving at the same time. We are leveraging a proven trend in large cities across the world to increase the function and the wellbeing of MidCity residents.”

RCP Co-Founder Remy Gross

Sustainable Construction in Huntsville

TheWellory 3 3 scaled 1
Wellory Living is projected to be an all-electric building and prioritizes a continued reduction in impacts during construction. (Elite 3D Visuals)

More than 40,000 square-feet of the Wellory Living roof is PV panels, generating power every day. Wellory Living’s design takes a dynamic approach to sustainability prioritizing continued reduction in impacts during construction, and operations moving forward. It is projected to be an all-electric building.

Mayor Tommy Battle said he hopes this project in a catalyst for sustainable living in Huntsville for future projects.

“It’s very important that we have sustainability in our area. This one project right here in the middle of MidCity is very important to our community and one we would like to see copied over and over.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

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