Creative Healing in Five Points—helping Huntsville be healthier since 2007

creative healing
The owners of Creative Healing, Linda Lucas and her son Peter Hastings. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Tucked in Five Points on the corner of Pratt Avenue and Dement Street is a little yellow house with a Southern-style front porch. That “house” is actually home to Creative Healing, a local herbal shop that we’re putting our Small Business Spotlight on this week.

What is Creative Healing?

creative healing
The Five Points district is home to Creative Healing. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Creative Healing is a family business run by Linda Lucas and her son, Peter Hastings. Linda is the nutritionist and herbalist, and Peter runs the business side of things. They offer nutritional consultation appointments to help people learn to eat well and recommend supplements if needed.

The goal is to help people feel better and feel good. We’re here to help people—that’s number one.

Linda Lucas

They’re also a store, though, offering supplements, teas, essential oils, herbs and more. You can stop by anytime they’re open to pick something up or chat with the owners—no appointment needed!

And feel free to recommend them to any of your non-local friends, because they can do phone consultations and ship products to clients.

Lucas’ background

creative healing
The homey interior of Creative Healing. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Linda Lucas is the herbalist and nutritionist behind Creative Healing. She has over 40 years of experience helping clients become happier and healthier using nutrition and natural herbs and supplements.

Lucas trained under a master herbalist, attended the British Institute of Homeopathy, and has attended many conferences alongside doctors. She’s also worked as a clinical nutritionist and at compounding pharmacies.

Before founding Creative Healing, Lucas worked with Terry Wingo at Madison Drugs in Huntsville. “We love Madison Drugs,” Lucas said, “and Terry Wingo is a great man.”

Founding Creative Healing

So how did Creative Healing start?

Lucas knew a couple in Birmingham, dear friends of hers. Lucas had helped the wife gain her health back, and her husband attributed the extension of his wife’s life to her help. So, he encouraged her to start her own business and offered to invest in her and her expertise.

But Lucas didn’t want to. She refused for many years, in fact, because she said she wasn’t a business person. When her son, Peter Hastings, overheard this, he jumped in and said he’d help with the business side of things.

And Creative Healing was born. They opened their doors April 24, 2007. This past April, they celebrated 15 years of being in business.

Working with doctors

creative healing
Lucas aims to be a part of helping patients and their doctors, working with them as a team. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Lucas’ background gives her a unique skillset in that she can see things from the physician’s perspective—not just the herbalist’s. She works with community doctors who want her to teach their patients how to eat better.

I’m not the “tree-hugger” herbalist. I’m a complimentary to what people are already doing with their doctors.

Linda Lucas

She wants to help people feel better and do it with food. Nutrition comes first; then, if clients need supplements, she can recommend them.

It’s about family + community

creative healing
They keep their shelves stocked with so many health-promoting goods. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Creative Healing is all about family and community. Lucas loves working with her son, Peter, and his family. It’s a true family-operated business, with Peter’s family coming in to lend a hand now and then.

Through the business, they’ve also gained a community.

We’ve made a lot of friends and we’ve got a great community.

Peter Hastings

The mother-son duo agrees that it’s been incredibly rewarding to get feedback from that community of clients. Many clients have attested to how well their protocol worked and the results they got back from their doctors after being on Creative Healing’s programs.

Ready to pay Creative Healing a visit? Here’s how.

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