Creme Brew Lait in Madison is now open—what we’re trying first

creme brew lait
The little cottage with coffee inside is open! (Creme Brew Lait / Facebook)

Yes, it’s pronounced “creme-bru-lay”—like your favorite French custard. But what they’re serving up is a little bit different. This is Madison’s newest coffee shop.

Here’s what they’re brewing up at the little drive-thru on Wall Triana Highway, starting with their soft opening January 3-7.

What’s on the menu

creme brew lait
And now I need caffeine—in this form, preferably. (Creme Brew Lait / Facebook)

All of the drinks at Creme Brew Lait are made with high-quality ingredients like specialty espresso beans from Ethiopia, purified water and pure cane sugar syrups.

Those ingredients come together is classic coffees like the an Americano, cappuccino, cortado, macchiato and mocha. But what’s really got our attention is the special—the cremebrewlait latte made with espresso, milk, white chocolate, vanilla and a secret créme brûlée sauce, topped with whipped cream, turbinado sugar and nutmeg.

They also have some non-coffee beverages on the menu like hot chocolate, a chai latte, a matcha latte, a London fog and smoothies.

And if you’re looking for something solid, they’ve got you covered there, too. With baked goods like cinnamon rolls and muffins and savory items like quiches, you won’t leave hungry.

Where you can find it

creme brew lait
They’re ready for you! (Creme Brew Lait / Facebook)

Craving some Creme Brew Lait yet? You’re in luck—their soft opening just started today. Here’s where you can try it.

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