Dead Children’s Playground: one of Huntsville’s most haunted sites

dead children's playground, history, haunted, maple hill cemetery, ghosts
Maple Hill Park, also know as “Dead Children’s Playground.” (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

Dead Children’s Playground is one of Huntsville’s most haunted places. Located within Maple Hill Cemetery, home to some famous Huntsville ghosts, locals says they playground is haunted by the souls of deceased children.

The legend of Dead Children’s Playground

maple hill cemetery, haunted, history
Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in Huntsville. (Audrey Johnson / Hville Blast)

Accounts differ about why locals call the park “Dead Children’s Playground” as opposed to its official name, Maple Hill Park. Some say the children who died of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that were buried in Maple Hill Cemetery come out at night to play at the playground. Others think the cause of paranormal activity is a series of child abductions that happened in Huntsville during the 1960s. Children’s bodies were recovered near the playground.

Regardless of the legend, people report swings moving on their own, seeing orbs and shadows and hearing the laughter of children.

More about the haunted site

maple hill cemetery, dead children's playground
The park is surrounded by rocky features on all sides. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

Maple Hill Park, the official name of the infamous playground, is operated by the City of Huntsville’s Parks and Recreation Department. The original playground equipment was removed in 2007 to make room for the expanding cemetery. Outraged, citizens demanded the park be returned, and the city responded with the new playground that stands there today.

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