Debunking myths about this local addiction treatment center—all you need to know


Employees at Bradford Health Services
This is not your average staff you’ll find at any addiction treatment center. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

When you think about drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you may picture off-putting stereotypes often portrayed in movies. Thankfully, these stereotypes are not the reality at your local treatment center.

Bradford Health Services in Madison offers a holistic four-step treatment plan, amazing collaborative spaces, and more. Read on to learn about how they debunk all the typical stereotypes.

1. Making the call is easier than you think

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The Bradford Health Services staff likes to have fun while providing top-notch treatment. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

It’s hard to know what to expect when you call a number like 1-888-SOBER-40. Thankfully, the accommodating Bradford Health Services staff makes the process super easy.

When you call, you’ll encounter a friendly Bradford staff member on the other end of the line who will ask clarifying questions and help you find the treatment that best suits you. Bradford does not place individuals in certain campuses according to location but based their needs.

Certain campuses can accommodate some situations better than others. For example, the Madison campus is all one-level, so it’s great for people with mobility concerns. Plus, they offer amazing care options for veterans.

Bradford Health Services

2. Holistic + accommodating treatment

Angela—Campus Director at Bradford Health Services
Angela Camp, Executive Director at Bradford Health Services, has made amazing improvements to the Madison campus. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Pop culture depicts treatment as a grueling, dehumanizing process, but the reality at Bradford is much different. Here, patients receive holistic, careful and personalized care.

Upon arriving, each patient is assigned a nurse practitioner who takes care of them for the entire duration of their stay and supervises the detox process. To help their patients conquer addiction, Bradford follows a holistic four-stage process:

  1. Detox + stabilization
  2. Recovery + exposure to the 12 steps to making amends
  3. Therapy + veteran speciality groups (if applicable)
  4. Solidify recovery + discharge plan

“In basic terms, the first stage is get the poison out, and the second stage is to find out what’s causing patients to turn to substances. The first two stages focus on the clinical side. Then, during the third stage, patients start the therapy group sessions. For the fourth stage, they master the 12 steps to making amends and prepare for graduation from the program.”

Christopher Culver, Crisis Admissions Supervisor, Bradford Health Services, Madison Campus

Ready to receive personalized treatment? Call 1-888-SOBER-40 today and check out all that Bradford Health Services offers.

Bradford Health Services

3. Amazing spaces + community

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Bradford’s Madison campus offers amazing green spaces for patients to relax and refresh their minds.

When imagining a treatment center, you may picture a dull space that resembles your average hospital. But every inch of Bradford’s Madison campus is intentional, filled with bright images and relaxing green spaces.

In the hallways, you’ll find bulletin boards showcasing encouraging messages and inspirational sticky notes patients can take with them. Along with offering collaborative meeting rooms and a cafeteria serving excellent food, Bradford’s Madison campus offers beautiful green spaces.

Outside, patients can get some fresh air at the basketball courts and walking trails, and inside, they can reflect and relax in two courtyard gardens. Angela Camp, the Executive Director, shared with us the vision of why they chose to add a serenity garden:

“Originally, a veteran approached me with the idea of adding a quiet garden space. On our campus, you’ll often find people laughing, crying or talking together, so the Serenity Garden grants them a space to reflect and be quiet for a moment.”

Angela Camp, Executive Director, Bradford Health Services, Madison Campus
Bradford Health Services

4. Success stories are abundant

Chris–former patient and now employee at Bradford Health
Christopher Culver is walking proof that Bradford’s holistic approach works. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Treatment center stereotypes tell us that therapy doesn’t really work, and patients return to their old habits after leaving the facility. But Bradford’s own employees are testaments to their success.

If you walk into Bradford’s Madison campus, you will be introduced to Christopher Culver as the Crisis Admissions Supervisor. What you may not realize is that ten years ago, Christopher was a patient at Bradford’s Madison campus.

Six years after graduating from Bradford’s program, Christopher found himself back in Madison. He decided to stop by the Madison campus to let the Bradford staff know he was doing well and thank them for their help.

Bradford’s staff was so impressed with his progress that they offered him a full-time position at the Madison campus. At the time, he was sending out his resume to businesses in the Huntsville area but was struggling to find a job, and this offer completely changed the course of his life.

“The most amazing thing is that I feel like they saved me twice. They got me clean and sober, and they reset my career.”

Christopher Culver, Crisis Admissions Supervisor, Bradford Health Services, Madison Campus

You or a friend or family member can have their own success story. Call 1-888-SOBER-40 and learn more about Bradford Health Services today.

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