5 comic book shops in Huntsville + what makes them interesting

FLASH, savior of the universe. (The Deep)

From the massive Marvel Universe to internet culture, the comic book scene has created multiple fandoms and subcultures globally. Because of this colossal titan-sized love for comics, people will pay a pretty penny for certain items. We have gathered all the details on the best shops in Huntsville and what’s interesting about them.

1. The Deep Comics Games & Toys

comic book store
Thor, the mighty. (The Deep)

Time to delve deep into the world of gaming, collecting and all things geek at The Deep Comics Games & Toys. What’s extremely cool about this shop is that they host D&D and card games events upstairs.

INTERESTING: The most unique thing about this store is the inventory of over 600,000 comics that date back even to the 1950s. RAD.

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2. Haven Comics Etc

Just off Highway 72 in a not-so-distant city known as Madison, you’ll find a mini oasis of comic books at Haven Comics Etc. Do you dare to seek an adventure young traveler?

INTERESTING: Not only does haven Comics have so many comic books to choose from, but they also host a live titled The Sunday Night Drink and Draw. Become a Havenite and check it out!

3. Creamer and Cache

From books to collectibles, there is something every nerd out there wants. Did we mention Creamer and Cache is also women-owned? BANGER.

INTERESTING: If you don’t know by now, Creamer and Cache is known for their massive collection of figures in the shop. There are hundreds (maybe even a thousand!) figures and figurines for you to admire.

4. Dragon Forge Cafe

Located at the beloved Lowe Mill, travel to a shop located in a space that’s safe and creative. There’s coffee, local geek merch and more. Host your quests at Dragon Forge Cafe, traveler!

INTERESTING: It’s not just a coffee shop, but another world. Jennie Caudle, owner and illustrator of the dragons, plans to tell whimsical stories through merch and events. Keep an eye out for what is yet to come.

5. Raging Gazebo Comics & Games

For all the geeky folks out there, you’ll love the gaming room at Raging Gazebo Comics & Games. They have free wifi, games, and manga. IMPORTANTLY, they have “Chainsaw Man” in stock—WIN.

INTERESTING: They have tons of keepsakes. The most unique vintage piece they have would probably be the 1945 Sears Roebuck Tri-Vue Portfolio of Color Perfect Wallpapers.

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