Furniture Factory Bar & Grill’s 2nd location just opened – Here’s what’s inside

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Furniture Factory Bar & Grill opened Wednesday in the Village of Providence. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

Folks in Huntsville familiar with the city’s night life certainly know about the Furniture Factory Bar & Grill — one of Huntsville’s premier live music venues and a popular bar and restaurant on Meridian Street — and now people can enjoy the same vibe in the Village of Providence, as the restaurant, bar and music venue has opened a new location there.

The new location is at 7 Town Center Drive. Here’s what’s inside:

Furniture Factory in Village of Providence

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The second Furniture Factory location opened Wednesday in the Village of Providence. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

The Furniture Factory Bar & Grill has been a Downtown Huntsville staple for live music, patio dining and a fabulous brunch, and the new location — while described by ownership as a “scaled down version” of the downtown location — looks to provide the same vibe.

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The new location will host live music shows like the original location. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

What’s on the menu + what’s inside

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The menu at the Providence location will be the same as what’s offered downtown. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

The new location is where Brickhouse once was housed, so those familiar with the Village of Providence layout know where the Furniture Factory is located. The menu at the new location will be the same as what’s offered at the original location.

Management said on social media earlier in the week that the Providence location is “smaller scale but with occasionally larger acts,” referring to the indoor stage at the Providence location.

Also like the original location, the Providence location features a bevy of tv’s and a great outdoor dining area which is conducive to a long stay and a fun time.

I must note, however, that unlike the downtown location, the Furniture Factory at Providence will not be hosting Bike Night, per the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The Furniture Factory is open Monday – Saturday, 11AM-1:30AM, and on Sundays from 10:30AM to midnight.

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