Green cups are the new purple cups for Town Madison

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Green is the new purple. (Shari Moore)

Ever dreamed of having a purple cup district in Madison like the ones in Huntsville? That dream is coming true, but Town Madison is doing its own thing when it comes to the color.

Here’s everything you need to know about Town Madison’s new arts and entertainment district.

The new A&E district

Town Madison green cup arts entertainment district
Are you in? (Joey Ceci / Breland Companies)

This week, Town Madison held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, starting the party in their new arts and entertainment (A&E) district. A&E districts are known for their colorful to-go cups which allow visitors to stroll around the area with their drinks in hand.

The district, which extends from Toyota Field south to Town Madison Boulevard and east to Zierdt Road, is the first of its kind in Madison. The 125-acre district operates Monday-Saturday 11AM-11PM and Sunday 11AM-9PM.

Madison leaders are excited to see how the new district fuels growth for the up-and-coming Town Madison development.

“The anchor of the multi-use venue that houses Minor League Baseball absolutely jet-fueled growth in this area. The next portion that will do that is the full interchange that is being built right now.”

Mayor Paul Finley, in an interview with WHNT News 19

They expect that this new development in Town Madison will draw even more new businesses to Town Madison.

“I think we’re going to get more restaurants, more retail. We’re looking forward to some more hotels coming on.”

Mary Beth Broeren, Madison Development Director, in an interview with WHNT News 19

It’s similar to the A&E districts in Huntsville, but with a twist

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We can’t wait to see the growth that results from this. (Shari Moore)

Town Madison’s new A&E district is similar to its counterparts in Huntsville, which include the following areas:

  • Quigley + Meridian (Downtown Huntsville)
  • Village of Providence
  • S. R. Butler Green (Campus 805 and Stovehouse)
  • MidCity
  • Bridge Street Town Centre

Each of these A&E districts uses purple cups, but Town Madison is going a different route with a Kelly green version. According to WHNT News 19, Mayor Finley said that the green color symbolizes new growth and “planting your roots” in Madison.

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