9 meat and threes in Huntsville that’ll satisfy your cravings for comfort food

meat and threes in huntsville
Hungry? (Walton’s)

We ❤️ all the meat and threes in Huntsville. If you’re craving classic comfort food, we’ve got you covered with some of the best meat and threes in Huntsville in no particular order.

1. Blue Plate Cafe

Comfort food, anyone? (Blue Plate Cafe’s Facebook)

Craving your mama’s classic cooking? Blue Plate Cafe has perfected Southern comfort foods. There’s a reason people say it’s one of their faves.

2. Betty Maes Restaurant

Kraut + sausage is a win for me. (Betty Mae’s Facebook)

Betty Mae has been serving the love of meat and threes in Huntsville since 1929. I know I can trust the restaurant to serve the ultimate comfort food simply by its double name, which is as Southern as it gets.

3. G’s Country Kitchen

My go-to is the catfish filet. (G’s Country Kitchen)

G’s has been dubbed as one of the best Soul Food restaurants in North Alabama and we’re here to tell you it’s a bona fide take. In fact, area diners have awarded G’s for their meatloaf! 

4. Walton’s

meat and three
Simply delicious. (Walton’s)

When driving down Whitesburg Street, you can’t miss Walton’s brightly lit building. This upscale meat and three in Huntsville offers Southern classics that rank a 10/10 on the most flavorful scale. You’ll love their creamy chicken and dressing, plus it’s a fan-fave.

5. Sac’s Kitchen

Looking for Southern cuisine made with the freshest ingredients? At Sac’s Kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that everything is homemade and cooked daily. They also offer catering if you’re interested in throwing a comfort food party.

6. New Orleans Lunchbox

meat and three NOLA edition
Their flavors are wingin’. (New Orleans Lunchbox)

Bringing the laid-back atmosphere straight from NOLA, New Orleans Lunchbox has all the delicious Cajun dishes that will send you straight to Lousiana with a single bite. From slow-cooked pork to jambalaya, this meat and three doesn’t miss.

7. Mizz JuJu’s Food & Beverage Distribution

They’re doing spaghetti right. (Kennedi Kipp / Hville Blast)

Mizz Juju’s is only serving food for the soul. If you’re anything like me then their homemade butter-fold yeast roll stays in my head rent-free. It’s become one of the classic go-to meat and threes in Huntsville.

8.  S&V Down Home Cooking

Breakfast for champs! (S&V Down Home Cooking’s Facebook)

The food at S&V lives up to their motto: “We season to a ‘T'” because the food here tastes just like something your great-grandma made. For chicken fans, the chicken and dressing is a must-try.

PRO TIP: Can’t find anything on the menu? They take requests, just give them a visit and let the cooks know.

9. Rolo’s Cafe

meat and threes
Chicken dumplings are a Southern staple. (Rolo’s Cafe’s Facebook)

Rolo’s is the OG meat and three in Huntsville. When you visit, you’ll want to try their patty melt on rye. You’ll be thinking about this salty and delicious meal all day!

Did we miss one of your favorite meat and threes in Huntsville? Let us know @HvilleBlast.

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