Happy National Pancake Day—4 outstanding places to celebrate in Huntsville

Pancakes at Superhero Chefs Huntsville
Happy National Pancake Day—let the celebration begin. (Superhero Chefs Huntsville / Facebook)

Get you sweet tooth on, Rocket City—this Saturday, February 25, is National Pancake Day. Huntsville has many breakfast hotspots and bakeries serving up delicious flapjacks.

And here at Hville Blast, we’ve picked out some of our favorite places to grab pancakes. Read on to learn about these 4 awesome options.

Blue Plate Cafe

Blue Plate Cafe in Huntsville
There’s nowhere better to spend National Pancake Day than a traditional diner. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

This beloved mom-and-pop diner knows how to do breakfast. They are famous for their Very Berry and Chocolate Chiquita Pancakes.

Additionally, if you order their traditional flapjacks, you can add signature toppings, such as chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas or pecans.

Superhero Chefs

Superhero Chefs Huntsville
Go for some unique flavors on National Pancake Day at Superhero Chefs. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Creative, colorful and fun are a few words to describe the food and atmosphere of Superhero Chefs.

In addition to traditional pancakes, they offer some unique flavors, such as blueberry lemon, red velvet, Reese’s cup and a savory option with breakfast meats. They even have tacos crafted with pancake-based shells!

City Cafe Diner

City Cafe Diner in Huntsville, a great place to celebrate National Pancake Day
I love going to little diners—it feels like stepping back in time. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

City Cafe offers a traditional diner experience paired with innovative flavors.

If you go here on National Pancake Day, you can order chocolate chip or banana pancakes. Additionally, you can get traditional pancakes with topped with breakfast meats or preserves.

Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar's in Providence Huntsville--a great place to celebrate National Pancake Day
After you eat delicious pancakes at Edgar’s, you can stroll through the quaint streets of Providence. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Edgar’s serves delicious sweets and baked goods every day—and National Pancake Day is no exception.

You can order traditional, blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes at this popular bakery. Topping options include pecans, powdered sugar, vanilla cream, maple syrup, sausage and bacon.

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