Highway upgradesā€”I-565 getting new digital signs

Upgrades coming your way! (City of Huntsville, Alabama – Government / Facebook)

Heads up, Huntsvilleā€”I-565 is about to look a little different.

No, the traffic isn’t going away, but you will know a little more about it. Let me explain.

The new electric signs’ purpose

highway 2
Testing, testing. (Stansell Electric Company / Facebook)

After years of planning, the project to bring digital highway signs to Huntsville’s I-565 is finally happening. Here’s where the three signs are going, according to a report by AL.com.

  • Westbound lane before Jordan exit
  • Westbound lane before Greenbrier Parkway exit
  • Eastbound lane before Memorial Parkway interchange

North Alabama is the last region of the state to get these tech-powered signs, with similar ones already in cities like Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

The signs will inform travelers of any delays on the highway, as well as other important messages, such as weather updates.

Who’s doing the construction + when they’re starting

stansell electric
This talented team will start working on I-565 soon. (Stansell Electric Company / Facebook)

According to a report by AL.com, Stansell Electric Company submitted a $5.2 million bid for the project and won the contract.

They plan on starting construction this August, and you can expect to the signs to light up on I-565 next summer.

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